KEYMACRO is a complete automation software tool for database administration.
It helps an administrator to monitor, maintain and restore a database system. It supports all major database platforms.
Automatically restore, recover, modify and optimize a database
KEYMACRO allows you to automate the process of backup, restore and recovery of a database. A backup utility can be integrated with the backup process. KEYMACRO will generate a file of a backup which can be restored directly, e.g. to a different server, computer, etc. The restoration can be made from a file which contains no more than one database.
Recovery is the process of recovering the database to a point in time when it was working correctly. The most important characteristic of a recovery solution is the time between making the backup and recovering it.
There are several types of recovery, each requiring different actions:
* Data File Recovery – This restores all the files that were in the database at the time of the backup. These files contain data, but may not include the database log.
* Database Recovery – This enables you to recover the database to a state specified by a backup/restore set.
* Database Compaction – This provides the ability to compact (compress) the files in the database to speed up database operations.
* Log File Recovery – This recovers the database log file from the backup.
KeyMACRO offers the following data recovery utilities:
* Data file recovery, recovery of database, database recovery and database compaction
* Log file recovery, recovery of database, recovery of database logs and database compaction
* Export a backup and import a backup
* Transfer files between disks
* Compress database files
* Create a SQL script that can be executed on another machine
A restore utility can be integrated with the backup process. The use of the restore utility is mandatory to the database recovery.
KEYMACRO provides three data recovery modes. In the first, KEYMACRO reads the log files of the database during the recovery process. If the recovery mode is changed to a mode which does not require the log files, the files are not restored.
Automatic optimization is the process of modifying the database system to improve its performance. You can automate the task of optimizing the database system. The most important characteristic of an optimization solution is the time between running the process and the effect.
The software offers the following optimization solutions:
* Optimization of the indexes
* Optimization of the database file and database log
* Optim 384a16bd22

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Key Macro is a specific string of text inserted into a video file, which records the user performing a specific task on the computer (clicking a button, menu selection, etc.). This string of text is recorded and a program can be written to check to see if the key string appears in the video (when the file is played, the keymacro is searched for). If the string is found, the program will be activated.
Key Macro helps to determine if a person is playing a video game using your computer. If a person is playing a game, and has the computer on their lap, the program will not activate.
Whether you are the owner of the computer or simply want to prevent a person from using it while you are away from your computer, a Key Macro program is the solution. Use Key Macro to block the use of the computer or monitor and it will ensure that a person can not use the computer without your permission.
Key Macro is safe to use and does not conflict with other programs. It can be used with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Features of Key Macro:
• Configurable key code
• Custom keycodes
• Block programs


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