Runge is an easy to use solver for differential equations, the solution of which is used to compute BVP and IVP.

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How can I select all values for a column in an oracle sequence using sql?

I have a sequence called seq_seq in Oracle. The data type of seq_seq.nextval is number. I need to select all the values from this sequence. I am using the following SQL:
SELECT * FROM (SELECT seq_seq.nextval FROM dual)

But, this only select first value. How can I select all values from this sequence?


It sounds like you want the entire range of values in a sequence. This can be done with the ROW_NUMBER analytic function:
SELECT seq_seq.nextval,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY seq_seq.nextval) AS rownum
FROM dual
WHERE rownum eea19f52d2

Unzip is a great utility that enables you to access, decompress and create compressed files from zip archive, from which you can extract a single file or multiple files. If you are an advanced user, you can also compress archives using this great software.
Key Features:
Extract, compress and open compressed files
Include files from archives with zipping
Password protection
Implement automatic decompression and extraction
Supports many compression methods
Support RAR and other archive formats
Support zip, ARJ, RAR, GZ, ZIP, CAB, CABX and SZ archives
Support to work with archives that contain sub-archives
Create files, folders and create archives
Support to create, open, extract and close compressed archives in various formats
Create archives with zip or other formats without extract first
You can create and compress archives using this utility. While compression enables you to store data efficiently, it also eliminates the need to extract or decompress before viewing the files.
With this, you can easily open compressed files, create, rename, extract, compress, and archive them as desired. Moreover, you can do so with less trouble and hassle.

Here you will find the list of Best Software for Creating Realistic 3D Textures for YouTube. You can use the texturing in 3D applications to make realistic looking videos in your favorite video creation apps, or you can use them to make amazing virtual reality experiences.

Necessary for: Video Editor, Realistic Textures and 3D Effects


NUCLIP by Molot uses a mixture of machine learning and neural networks to classify a piece of text into one of several categories. As a result, you can specify the number of different fonts you want, and you can add a caption to your video. NUCLIP also removes text from videos.

Necessary for: Making Your Text more Relevant to the Video

2. TypeToTube

TypeToTube is a free tool that can translate your text into different fonts and is a perfect option for those who want to create non-standard fonts for YouTube. You can use TypeToTube to make your text look just the way you want, and you can choose to have it automatically translated.

TypeToTube is a fast, reliable and free tool that can translate your text into different fonts and is a perfect option for those who want to create non-standard fonts for YouTube

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