Intuitive user interface
Designed with ease of use in mind, Firecoresoft PDF Converter allows you to convert PDFs from your computer to other formats in a quick, convenient manner. It comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface, encompasses a handful of straightforward functions but, unfortunately, does not offer you any form of local help documentation.
Preview with Acrobat Reader
You can preview PDF documents before converting them to other formats. You just need to choose a preferred file extension, define the output format by clicking the appropriate icon, choose a destination path and hit Convert to convert it into another format.
The software allows you to adjust your settings for images, HTML, EPUB and text for images. You can also choose your favorite image extension by clicking the corresponding radio button, set the background color for your HTML, toggle image ignoring in PDFs, enable hyperlink filtering and set the utility to generate each page as an image when exporting to EPUB.
Detailed conversion information
While converting PDFs to other formats, the software gives you the option to view detailed conversion information. You can therefore change the settings, if necessary, for images, HTML, EPUB and text for images.
Besides, it is possible to customize a few settings for images, HTML and EPUB by clicking the Options button. If you choose to ignore images, you can choose to ignore images that contain hyperlinks. Likewise, it is possible to filter out any hyperlinks that point to other URLs. Furthermore, you can set the utility to generate each page as an image when exporting to EPUB.
What are the advantages of using this product?
– Firecoresoft PDF Converter is very easy to use.
– Even beginners can easily operate this software by going through its simple and intuitive interface.
– With the assistance of this software, you can convert PDF documents to other formats quickly and conveniently.
– The software can convert PDFs into various formats such as EPUB, TXT, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PICT with ease.
What are the disadvantages of using this product?
– There is no help documentation provided with this software.
– This software is not free to download.
– It is possible to convert PDFs into different file formats.
If you are using Firecoresoft PDF Converter, you can convert PDFs from your computer to other formats easily. This software offers you many functions to choose from to customize the eea19f52d2

ToolWiz Bsafe is a security tool that enables you to create password-protected safes to store important files and folders, in order to keep them away from other PC users. It uses AES-256 encryption and basically creates virtual drives which can be mounted on the disk every time you want to access your data.
Create safes and assign access keys
The application is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with a clear-cut structure, where you can easily put together a new safe by specifying a saving directory and container name, size (in megabytes), and password. It’s possible to create as many safes as you want, provided that you have enough disk space available. They are listed in the mount manager, where you can check out the full path of each container, and open any safe by indicating its full path, password, and preferred drive letter for image mounting.
Manage multiple safes and open them as read-only
If you don’t want to add, edit or remove files from the safe, you can open it as a read-only disk. After wrapping up everything with the container, make sure to close it from the mount manager in ToolWiz Bsafe. Any safe’s password can be modified. Moreover, the program gets sent to the systray tray on close, and it can be exited only from there. Unfortunately, this option cannot be changed.
Evaluation and conclusion
It created safes swiftly in our tests, during which it remained light on system resources usage. No error messages popped up and it didn’t freeze or crash.

With Private Drive you can create virtual disks in an easy way. The application lets you select the folder you want to put in a safe and generates the safe’s password and volume name. Once the user has set a password, he/she can open the safe with a simple right-click menu option or via the application interface. It supports file and folder encryption, and you can create as many safes as you need.

One of the features of Private Drive is its support for multiple users. You can restrict file operations with regard to multiple users, thus allowing one of your family members to edit files without affecting your own access to them. You can also use Private Drive as a virtual safe.

When you have multiple drives on your PC, you can store and hide data to increase the security of your system. They don’t have to be mounted to access the files, but in the case of Shared Safe, you

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