The goods
An easy process
SmartWhois simplifies the process of requesting site information, thanks to its simple and neat interface. Its helpful guide on how to access and utilize it will only take one click of the mouse from you.
Wide variety of types
The app offers users the ability to request information not just about domain names or IP addresses; it’s equally up for those seeking info about hostnames as well. It is to be emphasized that having a wide variety in info type 66cf4387b8

It will create a temporary folder that will hold the path input, and after that the folder it will create will sync your folders and files into it. It’s that simple.

It allows you to put the path into either Environment variables or to the registry, just like DropboxPathUninstaller does for LISA.

What does this mean?
Well, the most common methods that your users could use to find the path are: Environment variables, or the registry.

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