KEYMACRO is a macro in UNIX shell scripts that modifies the PASS/FAIL output to facilitate the conversion from the output generated by LPROC and IOINV to the output used by ORION. Each specific type of test has it own modifications to the PASS/FAIL output. The PASS/FAIL output is a one line report that lists the time taken by each type of test. LPROC and IOINV report the number of MB processed.
Configuring Orion tests:
Now that you know what Orion is and what it can do you can now get started configuring your tests. Lets start by talking about Orion Test Layout. Each test you perform in Orion must have a layout. Orion will run the test, generate a report, and generate a new report with the test’s result and number of MB processed. These reports can be read by someone to determine if the test performed successfully.
Every test has a specific layout so it must be configured before running the test. Here are three ways to configure a test:
1) In Orion, click the Configure Test button
2) In an Orion test’s configuration file (*.xlin) find the section that has the Test options. Edit the options there.
3) Download a.xlin configuration file from Orion (see here) or get the entire Orion source code to do it from there. Then look in the *_tests/{ORION}/tests.xlin files and use the *_tests/{ORION}/xlinx.lproj/default.xlin files for instructions.
How to write your Orion test:
Now you know what you can do with Orion and how to configure it, we are going to give you some good examples of how to write your own tests. Orion’s test framework can be used as a starting point for writing your own tests. The “Testing Toolkit” section of the Orion User Guide contains a list of the components of the test framework and details of how they work. A lot of the framework is in the *.xlin files (described above) and the *.xlat files (generated by LPROC and IOINV). This section of the Orion User Guide also contains examples of how to use the Testing Toolkit for the components. You can either look at the examples, or by browsing the Testing Toolkit code.
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