Click the Download button and the application will start the installation process.

Once installed, you should notice that an icon was added to the system tray to indicate that the app is running.

Click the program icon to open the ADF View application.

Click the New menu to create a new disk file and move the files on the hard disk. You can also create a file structure and then move the content to the new disk file.

The app is able to create a new ADF file in less than a few seconds.

To add files to the disk file, you can simply drag and drop the file to the window.

Files can be sorted, renamed and removed from the disk file using the options from the context menu.

Under Options, you can customize the interface by defining your preferred scrolling speed and image resolution.

The tool is enabled to save the image to any type of image file format by using the Save Image button. You can choose to save the image in BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF, JPG, PCX and TGA formats. The best format depends on the nature of the files on the disk. The native Amiga files are usually stored in TIFF format which can be easily converted to other file types.

The interface is designed to ensure that you can access the options without any problem and enable you to browse the files with ease.

The customization screen allows you to define the folder structure on the disk, the image resolution and the scrolling speed. By default, the app will show the content of the Amiga Disk file in scrolling mode.

This option is pretty useful when the files are too large to show on the screen.

In addition, the app is able to export the current files from the disk to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, and XML formats.

When a file on the disk is opened by the tool, a new tab is opened in the window that allows you to view and edit the content.

The tool can browse files on both the internal and external hard drives.

Closing Words

The ADF View program should enable your operating system to open and navigate files on the Amiga Disk format. Moreover, the interface is designed in a way that you can access all the features without any problem. This should be a useful tool for those who use the Amiga Operating System.


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Rsync is a utility that is capable of copying, transferring and synchronizing files and directories. The application is capable of transferring files in a selective manner, in a way that can be adapted to your needs.
Based on a binary differencing algorithm, this tool is capable of producing a unified set of files that have been updated or have been completely changed in the source directory, and that have not been altered in the destination directory. Rsync is capable of transferring files and directories as well as directories and subdirectories. It supports file-systems such as FAT, NTFS and ext2/3.
The application can make use of some of the special and configured options, that can be found at the command line, in order to provide specialized capabilities for the file transfers.
The application uses sockets for connecting to remote servers, the rsh or the ssh transport protocols for remote shell connections and some command line arguments for providing additional options.
In order to prevent file loss, Rsync uses a zero-copy strategy for transferring files. The application does not have to buffer information in order to correctly transfer the data. It automatically detects, reads and copies file data directly from the source directory.
The file and directory modification times and other related data can be kept and transferred during the process. The program will not overwrite existing file contents, but you can overwrite the file contents with some command line options.
Rsync operates on a command line interface and provides a very simple console working environment, with a clearly labeled and organized set of commands. All the operations that can be performed on the file system or the command line are clearly marked.
The application comes with a wide and variate set of command line options and some of these options provide advanced capabilities that will save you time during the process.
Using the command line options can provide you with many functions for manipulating the transferring process, by either making changes to the default options, or by applying a set of parameters in order to achieve your goals.
The application allows you to perform remote shell connections through the terminal emulator, that is compatible with most of the popular Linux and Windows operating systems.
Several trial runs can be performed in order to test the operation and capabilities of the program without actually making any changes.
This application is capable of running on Windows, Linux, Mac and other Unix-based operating systems.
Read the Readme file that accompanies this software

Rsync is a utility that is capable of copying, transferring and synchronizing files and directories. The

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