Total Copier – a multi-functional application that is very well suited for all data management needs. It can effortlessly manage and transfer files and folders of all types in both directions. Total Copier has a sleek, easy-to-use interface that has been developed to make managing and accessing your files as easy and intuitive as possible. Total Copier includes advanced clipboard functionality that enables you to transfer large quantities of data or single bits of information between your applications, without using the slow and troublesome file copying method.
Free Download Total Copier.
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size: 6.86mb

Thanks to the development team of Total Copier, this software is available for free! Total Copier allows you to manage any type of data files and transfer them between your various programs. This tool includes the following amazing features: Multi-Clipboard, Enhanced File Collision Management, and Auto Resume. Here’s what you need to know about the Total Copier…
Total Copier Features:
Easy to use interface.
Fast and easy to install.
Supports any data file type.
Manages large amounts of data files.
Enhanced file management.
Save time and effort on file management.
Multiclipboard functionality.
Multi-window system and multi-user management.
Taskbar integration.
System tray integration.
Supports advanced file collision management.
Can be integrated into the Windows Shell.
Supports multiple file types.
User-friendly functionality and intuitive interface.
Windows shell integration.
Total Copier file size: 1.4 MB

Total Copier is a very versatile software, with a lot of useful features. You can manage any type of files and transfer them between your programs with ease, thanks to the installation of this nifty piece of software. We highly recommend the use of Total Copier. The features of this free application are the following: File Management, Clipboard, Multi-clipboard, Drag-n-drop files, Simple file management, Drag-n-drop folders, and Compact.
Total Copier is a very useful piece of software for those who want to easily manage their files. In addition to all the features mentioned above, you can also use the Copy, Paste, Cut, Select, Paste, Search, and Rename options with ease. To learn more about Total Copier, simply click the link below and make sure to download the software today. eea19f52d2

Ref Scheduler is a lightweight software application designed to help you organize and manage the assignment of referees for sports events or games. It provides tools for storing data about referees, club or leagues, teams, sites, games, and assignments.
User interface
The utility adopts a multi-tabbed layout that helps you check out details about the referees, schools, teams, sites, games and assignments. Data is displayed with the aid of tables. For example, you can view info about the referees, such as ID, first and last name, street address, city, state, ZIP, home phone, start date and email address.
Work with different filters and import/export data
You can apply several filters in order to make the app display only certain items from a table. Referees can be filtered by class, active status, name, city or functions, while the schools can be sorted by school type (private or public), state or city.
A database can be imported from MDB file format, while the referees, schools, teams, sites and games can be imported from XLS or plain text file format or from a database. Additionally, you may add assignments from XLS or TXT files and chapters from MDB or SQL server.
When it comes to exporting options, you can print or save the information to XLS file format. Plus, you can send emails to referees, team coaches and game site manager containing info about the schedules.
Editing database info
Ref Scheduler gives you the possibility to edit referees by altering a comprehensive suite of parameters, such as ID, first and last name, address, contact numbers, stats (e.g. start date, classification), availability status (you can check out a calendar with available and unavailable days), and picture (JPG file format).
Editing functions can be applied to schools, teams, sites, games and assignments. You can work with a built-in calendar and several tools for creating teams, games and assignments, setting web assignments, and sending emails to a group of selected people.
Database stats and configuration settings
You can make the tool generate a summary about the number of recorded referees, schools, teams, game sites, games, assignments and announcements in the database.
General settings can be applied for the current database. You may specify the database directory, choose the sport type (e.g. basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tenis), as well as provide details about the organization type, chapter title, default refereeт-34-фильм-актеры-и-роли/

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