IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard is a reliable application that allows you to retrieve important data that you lost due to disk formatting, accidental deletion or system crash. The application can restore lost data from multiple types of storage devices, such as hard drives, USB devices or memory cards.
Scanning and recovery process
IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard can perform a thorough scan of the selected drive in order to identify traces of files that were lost or damaged. The application can piece the data back in order to restore the lost files and allows you to save the results on your computer.
The program performs a preliminary scan of the selected drive in order to identify lost files. It supports a large range of data storage platforms, including hard drives, flash memory devices, removable media, digital cameras, USB drives or memory cards. The first screen displays the detected drives and allows you to select the one you wish to investigate.
Fast or deep scan
By default, IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard performs a quick scan that can retrieve recently deleted files, which takes up to a few seconds. If the files you are looking for are not amongst the results, you may easily proceed to the Deep Scan, a thorough process which can take up several minutes or hours.
Once the scan is finished, the recovered files are sorted into temporary folders, according to their format, for you to preview. The panel on the right provides a preview, where possible of the recovered file. Simply select the files you wish to save, then the output location.
Simple to use recovery tool
IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard allows you to quickly identify and restore files that you accidentally lost. Whether from system damage or accidental deletion, lost files can no longer be found or opened. This recovery application is capable of identifying a large range of lost/damaged files on several types of drives.
IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard Features:

Detailed wizard interface

Recover files from removable media

Restore data from a wide range of storage devices

Recover files even after a long time

Recover files from all supported types of storage devices

Restore files from damaged media

Recover data from multiple damaged partitions

Scan directly on large devices

Recover deleted files even when the original file is not present

Recover from formatted drives

Recover files from a fixed-size partition

Recover data from damaged partition

Support all types of hard drives (SATA, IDE, E eea19f52d2


How do I Install PowerColor Xtreme Pro 8G on a computer?

The PowerColor Xtreme Pro 8G is a GPU that comes in a black casing and includes two DVI outputs, an HDMI output, two mini DisplayPort outputs, and a USB 3.0 port.
It requires Nvidia’s Linux driver 295.59 and utilizes the following specifications:

120 W maximum power consumption

1290 MHz core clock

1650 MHz GPU Boost clock

8.2 GHz maximum memory clock

8 GB GDDR5 graphics memory

256-bit interface

With its chip, you can play Crysis 3 and Hitman Absolution at max settings, and the GeForce GTX 750 Ti is a decent enough GPU to play the likes of Battlefield 3, The Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, and Star Wars: The Old Republic at good settings.

You should install the latest driver for your video card to take full advantage of all the features that the GPU has to offer.
If you don’t have any drivers available, you can always search for the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s website.

What do I need to Install PowerColor Xtreme Pro 8G on a computer?

The only thing you’ll need to install PowerColor’s GPU on your computer is a copy of Windows 7 or a Windows 8.
A good way to install this GPU is by using an official GPU driver from NVIDIA, but since it’s a very powerful GPU that requires the latest driver to be installed properly, you may prefer using an unofficial driver.

What is the difference between the Custom Installation and the Standard Installation?

The Custom Installation is recommended for advanced users who wish to tweak the installation of their video card. It supports all the features that the GPU has to offer, and allows you to install any graphics driver.
The Standard Installation, on the other hand, only installs the driver you’ve chosen and is recommended for novices.

Can I install PowerColor Xtreme Pro 8G using the MSI Afterburner?

Yes, you can. You can install PowerColor Xtreme Pro 8G using the MSI Afterburner.
To do this, open the MSI Afterburner, go to the Device Manager option, search for your device, open it and click on the Properties option.
In the New Tab, look for the Device Drivers and click on the Update Driver option.
After clicking on the OK option, a pop-


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