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Autodesk has been developing AutoCAD since 1982, which makes it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, commercial CAD application. From its early beginnings, AutoCAD has been a Microsoft Windows application, with an initial version running on MS-DOS. AutoCAD added support for the Macintosh operating system in 1987, and began adding more advanced features, and reached version 5.5 in 2000. Since AutoCAD 2000, it has been developed in the.NET platform, which allows cross-platform development. AutoCAD Xpress is a free, web-based tool aimed at creating business-ready, browser-based construction drawings. It has been integrated with Autodesk Inc.’s SketchUp (formerly called Google SketchUp), in order to produce 3D models using a drag-and-drop interface.

A large variety of features are available in AutoCAD, from basic 2D drafting and 3D modeling to advanced engineering and construction visualization, as well as manufacturing process optimization. AutoCAD is currently in its 20th revision, AutoCAD 2017.


AutoCAD is available in a range of editions, with the most popular being the Standard and Professional editions.


The Standard version, also called AutoCAD LT, is the entry-level version of the application. It includes a full-featured desktop application.

$1,948 for the Basic edition (from Autodesk)

$2,279 for the Advanced edition (from Autodesk)

The Standard version of AutoCAD has a price tag starting from $1,948 for the Basic edition. The Advanced edition is also available starting at $2,279. The price depends on the language (for example, English costs $1,948 and German costs $2,849), the number of users (the more users, the higher the price), and the additional features.


The Professional version of AutoCAD includes all the features of the Standard edition plus additional applications such as 3D and 2D CAD drawing editing, image editing, comprehensive publishing, data management, and communication tools. It also includes some applications such as 3D and 2D CAD drafting, 2D drafting, and design review.

$4,319 for the Standard edition (from Autodesk)

$6,568 for the Advanced edition (from Autodesk)

The Professional edition

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the Intergraph Cross Application Express (XAED) Intergraph is a predecessor company to AutoCAD Inc. In 1991 Intergraph had ported AutoCAD to DOS platform and gave AutoCAD as an option for the first time. At that time, the company was developing a middleware for batch processing called BatchFlex that can process the geometric information from AutoCAD drawings. In 1995 Intergraph released its first application for the DOS platform called Digital Intergraph. In 1999, Autodesk bought Digital Intergraph and renamed it Intergraph XAED. After some years Intergraph XAED 3.x supported many types of drawing files including DXF, DWG, DGN, DFM, DTG and also many other drawing file formats. After some years, Intergraph XAED 4.x was released. It was improved so that it could import and export the geometry and drawings to the very well known CAD-file format

In 2009, Autodesk bought several vendors that included Intergraph. Some of the former Intergraph products include:

Intergraph XAED 3.x was the base for AutoCAD Architecture
Intergraph Digital Scene Explorer was a product developed by the Automation Technology Group (ATG), Autodesk’s laboratory that was acquired by Intergraph. Intergraph Digital Scene Explorer was released in 1995. This product can read, write, and manipulate large volumes of data in the form of digital scenes. The product could manage digital scenes that had shape data, text data, and digital imagery data, for example, in a CAD environment. The product could also be used for purposes such as high-speed, real-time access to information in the form of digital scenes, or for a range of data integration applications. Its unique database and content management capabilities also enabled it to work with multiple data sources and multiple data sets.

other products include Intergraph CADManager

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When the Autocad program starts, select the option:
– “Winhowl keygen”
– “Check if keygen is available”
– “Check if the key is present”
– “Display key list”
– “Install key”
– “Check license”

(you can select any key from the “keygen list” except “US-EN”).
Then follow the instructions in the screen until installation.

(Autocad 2009-2010)
Load “Autodesk\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch\Winhowl.exe”
(The file with the same name can be found in “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch” or “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2010\Englisch”)

Click on “Winhowl keygen”

Read the instructions and select the key of your choice.

This key is then available.

(Autocad 2009-2010)
Load “Autodesk\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch\Winhowl.exe”
(The file with the same name can be found in “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch” or “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2010\Englisch”)

Click on “Check license”
Read the instructions and select “included” or “custom”.

(Autocad 2009-2010)
Load “Autodesk\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch\Winhowl.exe”
(The file with the same name can be found in “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2009\Englisch” or “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2010\Englisch”)

Click on “Check license”
Read the instructions and select “included” or “custom”.

(Autocad 2010)
Load “Autodesk\Autocad\Pro 2010\Englisch\Winhowl.exe”
(The file with the same name can be found in “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2010\Englisch” or “Autocad\Autocad\Pro 2010\English\Winhowl”)

Click on “Winhowl keygen”

Read the instructions

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Customize pre-designed standard drawing elements such as title blocks and snap options. You can even add your own custom blocks to the collection.

Create and name pre-designed tags and annotations. These special drawing objects act like sticky notes, inscribe text, and save all their settings for later. You can name them, tag them, and move them.

Make drawings linkable. Linking creates a new layer that acts like a sub-drawing. The links can be named and then linked to create a hierarchy of linked drawings.

Send drawings to the cloud. Send drawings to the cloud and share your work with others. You can send drawings in PDF format.

Create drawings on a mobile device. View and edit drawings while on the go. Use the view-only Zoom tool to zoom in on a drawing.

Easily explore the latest features for yourself. A video in this article shows how to use Markup Import, Markup Assist, and Linked Drawing capabilities.

User Interface & Viewer

Use the improved lasso tool. The lasso tool in AutoCAD has been enhanced to make it easier to edit, move, and rename multiple objects.

The new lasso tool is visually similar to the classic lasso tool, with an expanded range and precision, to aid in editing and moving objects.

Take advantage of the new drawing tools. Choose from 12 different drawing tools to add perspective, perspective rotation, and 3D modeling, to name just a few.

Simple Drafting & Design with new text tools. A new default text tool has been added to the drawing toolbar to help you create any text you might need.

Navigate more efficiently. The new drawing view has been streamlined to provide better navigation. The View Bar is now in one place, and it’s color-coded to help you find exactly what you need, as shown in the video above.

Projects & Utilities

Create a schedule. Use the new Schedule tab in the Project Center to schedule drawings and associate them with tasks in your project.

The new Schedule tab provides an intuitive way to share and track drawings and projects across the organization. Create and customize a schedule by defining schedules for different types of drawings, such as designs and sheets.

Create a custom drawing template. Use the new Customize Drawings tool in the Project Center to

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