This program is a graphical user interface for the Macroecological Apportionment (MACRO) model. MACRO was developed as a simple, quick and user-friendly tool for the apportionment of species occurrence data in relation to the fundamental niche. It allows users to perform a species apportionment and to analyse the relationships between the species and several environmental variables.
Tt takes species occurrence data from a shapefile, a single text file or an Excel spreadsheet, and the environmental layers are loaded from a variety of file types. The results are stored in a text file which contains the occurrence of each species in each cell of the matrix. All the matrix values are automatically transformed into an Excel spreadsheet. The matrix is then apportioned using the model specified by the user in the form of a text file.
The apportionment of the matrix can be done with any of the available Macroecological models, allowing users to choose between the most appropriate method for their needs.
MACRO is a very useful tool for scientific research and education, in particular for undergraduate biology courses.
Visit the OpenModeller website: has been delivering information about Australian minerals and materials to the mining industry and the Australian community since 1992.

Modelling the distribution of an invasive species using environmental data

Environmental Modelling of invasive species with PESTAS

SergioCavallo, EurekAlert! – The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Environmental Modelling of invasive species with PESTAS is a multi-scale approach that incorporates multiple spatial planning layers with different resolutions. At the landscape scale we can assess the suitability of the landscape to harbour the species, while the infestation can be modelled at the site scale, suggesting the best pest control strategies in each case. PESTAS was developed as a way to address the need for improved pest control measures in the context of climate change and globalisation.




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A short description of this app goes like this:
“The designer’s tool for creating macros”, meant to allow the developer to program actions in another application by just drag and dropping with ease. 
KEYMACRO’s Features:
“The macros are easy to use. Their default state is to execute a macro, but it is possible to create another state and use it as is”.
(…)”The macros allow the developer to program actions in another application by just dragging a macro or just dragging a text field and drop it on the module where it’s been designed.”
Main Features:
– Unlimited number of macros
– Macro support
– Supports customizable module field position
– Module size support
– Converts a string into a macro


The features are quite standard, but no, there is no tool like this for Mac. There is no standard way to edit text in the way you want. For instance, you can’t easily do the whole page of text at once, or you can’t drag a word into another word and make it the next word in the sentence, or you can’t drag a whole paragraph to a new paragraph. And there’s no way to enter text directly into an open document, or a word processor document, or any document at all.
There are several text editors, such as TextWrangler, TextEdit, and many others. They’re free, and there are some paid versions, but they are not Mac-specific. Most of them have text formatting tools, which can be handy.
It’s possible to make macros, which is described by the documentation. For example, the following macro opens a dialog box and types in a text string, then closes the box:
on run argv
tell application “System Events”

if window 1 exists then
set theText to “The date is ” & current date & “. Do you want to create the new text document?”
set theIcon to “Choose a Document Icon”
set theDialog to dialog 1 of screen 1
set its default answer to “yes”

set theDialogText to the

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