KEYMACRO is a key logger for Windows. It lets you easily record all keystrokes made on your computer by capturing them at a very high resolution. You can choose from a variety of methods to capture these keystrokes and make them available to you.
Capture keystrokes as plain text
KEYMACRO allows you to capture all the keystrokes you make on your computer by simply installing the application on your system.
Once installed, the application runs in the background and automatically captures all keystrokes made on your system. You can specify various levels of capture: passwords, titles, URLs, commands and much more.
Capture keystrokes as plain text
Just click on the Text capture button inside the application and KEYMACRO will begin capturing all the keystrokes made on your computer. You can specify the maximum capture time. You can also specify which file and which folder will contain the keystrokes. You can choose to keep the keystrokes and have them automatically added to the specified file or folder.
You can edit and export the captured keystrokes as text files that you can use in your own programs. You can also export the captured keystrokes as HTML files that you can view on your web browser.
Capture keystrokes as images
KEYMACRO also lets you capture the screen where you are typing your passwords. You can save the captured images as JPG, PNG and GIF files.
You can specify a timeout for when the image will be captured. You can even capture the entire screen, the mouse cursor and even the sound that is being played at the time.
Capture keystrokes as images
You can easily edit and export the captured keystrokes as JPG, PNG and GIF files. You can choose to keep them as they are or you can even select which file and which folder will contain them.
Take a screenshot of your entire screen
The application also allows you to capture the entire screen. You can specify how long you want to capture the screen. This will create a JPG file with the exact dimensions of the screen.
Take a screenshot of your entire screen
You can also specify which part of the screen you would like to capture. For example, you can capture only the active window or the desktop.
Take a screenshot of your entire screen
KEYMACRO allows you to save the captured screenshots as JPG, PNG and GIF files. You can choose to keep them as they are or you can even select which file and which 4f8c9c8613

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Rinzo XML Editor is a cross-platform software utility for editing and transforming standard XML files. It has an excellent interface with several options and features such as filters, filters rules, and output templates. It supports all modern XML formats including but not limited to: XML, XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, YAML, XML, XHTML, HTML, CGM, and InfoXML.
Rinzo XML Editor provides syntax highlighting and code folding. All objects, including children, are well displayed. Object types are listed with a description and tags are displayed. Editing is done in a simple, intuitive, and convenient way.
Besides editing XML files, Rinzo XML Editor provides additional features: Inlinetoolbar, Excel-like charts, an xml editor with syntax highlighting, code folding, syntax coloring, and unlimited filters, and output templates for xml and html. Rinzo XML Editor can also open xml, XHTML, XUL, CGM, and InfoXML files.
Rinzo XML Editor is free of charge and can be downloaded at:
Excel XML Editor Description:
The Excel XML Editor is a free software for editing Microsoft Excel files.
With it, you can edit all Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, including all xls, xlsm, xlt, xltm, xltx, xltm, and xltx files. This is useful if your Excel spreadsheet contains XML data. It does not matter whether your Excel spreadsheets are created with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2000, 2002, 2003, or older versions.
The Excel XML Editor can work with any Microsoft Excel version. Therefore, you should not run this software on 32-bit systems.
As the Excel XML Editor is a normal tool, you can save all changes you make using this software using the Save button in the Excel XML Editor.
For any questions about Excel XML Editor, visit our website:
ScriptEditor is a Windows COM component which enables writing and compiling (compile option) scripts for a number of popular scripting languages. ScriptEditor is a standalone application. That is, it can be installed on a computer without Microsoft Visual Studio. It is the fastest and most powerful scripting IDE for developing programs using Visual Basic Script, VBS, C++ Script, C# Script, JavaScript Script, Pascal Script, Python Script, PHP Script, and Ruby

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