Internet Connection Monitor is a fast, easy-to-use, and free application that will give you a complete view of what’s happening with your Internet connection. If there is a problem with your Internet connection you’ll be able to find it immediately.
Internet Connection Monitor Features:
* Display any downgraded or throttled connections, easily identify why a certain connection has been downgraded or throttled, and easily restore it to its original quality.
* Display the number of dropped connections and the total number of dropped connections per week, month, and so on.
* Display the current upstream and downstream connection bandwidth in Kbps, and show if that bandwidth is constrained by the application, the adapter or the router.
* Display the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) of the internet connection.
* Display the number of connected clients and the average client connection speed in Kbps.
* You can choose to display only connection related information, or also display other information including server, hostname, and domain.
* Display uptime information for each connection.
* Monitor total network usage.
* Displays detailed information about a single connection, showing the date, time, incoming and outgoing packets, and the connection type.
* Display the amount of data sent and received by a specific connection.
* Display connection states, including disconnected, idle, and active.
* Displays connection events such as reconnecting, lost, and connect pause.
* Shows events of recent network changes and connections.
* Displays connections that were dropped.
* Works with IPv4 and IPv6
* Has no external dependencies, and works on Windows 2000 and up.
* The source code is included.
* No registration is required.

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Isolate users in the office who might be using your application or interacting with the MS Office, and disable access to their application from outside your network during times when they are not at the desk. Inactive shut down control keeps track of the period of user inactivity for each user, and shuts down the application after a specified period of inactivity.
You can easily set a time of inactivity to shut down your application, and a time of reactivation to re-enable it after users come back to the office.

Click on the image to get Active Shutdown form.


As requested, here’s an answer that demonstrates the form from Jean-Paul’s answer. (Note that you will need to first install the Excel Workbook that the form is designed for from the following link.)
The spreadsheet:
And the form:

The code:
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public Const
acActiveUserAccessCode = “ActiveUserAccessCode”
acInactiveUserAccessCode = “InactiveUserAccessCode”
acUserAutoLockCode = “UserAutoLockCode”
acAutoShutdownCode = “AutoShutdownCode”
acUnlockCode = “UnlockCode”
acLockCode = “LockCode”

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private Sub btnShutdown_Click()

Dim iAutoLockCode As String
Dim UserAutoLockCode As String

For Each iControlCode In ActiveWorkbook.Forms.ListBox1
If iControlCode = acAutoShutdownCode Then
If IsNumeric(UserAutoLockCode) Then
iAutoLockCode = UserAutoLockCode
MsgBox “Auto Shutdown was turned off because an incorrect username or password was entered.”, vbInformation, “Error”
Exit Sub
End If
ElseIf iControlCode = acUnlockCode Then

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