Dynamics processors are a genre of audio plugins, generally focused on processing sound that has no significant level of pitch (e.g. human voices). Compassion, and plugins of this type are considered “dry” plugins, in contrast with “wet” plugins, which also are often used for pitch shifting and pitch correction.

Some of the more important features of Compassion are:
-Dynamics plugin with a powerful and flexible architecture for automation, real time signal processing and memory recall
-New type of filters called “Components” for exploring different effects on the input signal
-Two types of filters: One for filtering an impulse response or recording, and the other for filtering an impulse response or recording and a live audio stream
-Noise shaper: Noise shaping takes the traditional audio process of noise reduction and turns it into a useful tool to make a wider variety of changes to a sound.
-Loop-based routing: Looping is a key feature of Compassion. Loops can be set to repeat or loop indefinitely, all within one audio channel.
-User I/O for external plugins and even effects processors

NOTE: Compassion is designed for use with very high quality (96K+) sample rates, but it can be used with other sample rates, as well. The maximum sample rate is 44.1KHz.

Compassion works best when it is set to a default level of filtering, where it can be set to be transparent. For example, setting the input level for input 6, the output level for output 2 and the processing level for output 4 to the minimum amounts will ensure that the most of the frequency information in the signal will get processed (and no clipping will occur) while preserving the details of the original signal.

Compassion can be used in conjunction with a hardware dynamic processor, such as the legendary “the Room” from Lexicon, or an outboard dynamics plugin such as Bitwig’s “Dynamic”.

The Compassion plugin has already been used in the Bitwig Studio live productions of Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 and many other stations around the world.

Compassion is a fully-featured dynamics processor, ready for any dynamic processing on any signal.
The plugin comes with an intuitive user interface and it can be considered to be one of the most flexible dynamics engine on the market. Any channel, any task, Compassion is ready to enable you to 70238732e0

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Keymacro 4.2.0 allows you to make macros that perform a series of keystrokes that you can repeat on a loop, it can also execute any command you like. Create or edit a macro file with keystrokes that you can execute when you press a key or a group of keys.
KEYMACRO Features:
Keymacro is a simple macro recorder, but in its specialities it does:
* Record full screen keystrokes, mouse clicks and pressing hotkeys
* Save multiple macros (up to 20) in one file
* Record keystrokes from all your active programs at the same time
* Play and stop the recorded macros directly in a loop
* You can create and edit a macro file using a text editor
* You can play recorded macros at any time from a command line
* You can record all the keystrokes made on your keyboard by recording hotkeys
* You can play all the recorded macros without opening Keymacro
* You can record from windows in both portrait and landscape modes
* You can export a macro in a format which can be loaded by other applications, such as Excel
* You can record hotkeys from any program. Also, with special commands, you can record custom hotkeys
* You can have a complete keymap for mouse, keyboard and hotkeys. All your hotkeys will be recorded in your custom keymap
* You can record keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys with any combination of keys and modifiers
* You can use different keymap for a program
* You can record multi-finger gestures (more than one finger per gesture)
* You can record hotkeys in different modes (e.g. Normal mode, mouseclick, F keys, number pad, shift, etc.)
* You can filter the keystrokes to not include repeated sequences of the same keystroke. For example, you can make a macro that records the keystroke F1, F2, F3, F4, and if you pressed F1 again the macro doesn’t repeat the same keystroke, instead it will just skip the F1 keystroke and go to the next keystroke, so it will simply record F1, F2, F3, F4, F5
* You can import and export from/to any text file
* You can export the captured keystrokes to HTML, XML, etc.
* You can export keystrokes and mouse clicks into the clipboard, so you can play


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