Brave Browser is a privacy-first, blockchain-enabled web browser created by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of the Mozilla project. If you are a Brave browser user, you can consider yourself lucky.
If you are a Brave browser user, you can consider yourself lucky. The browser includes an innovative ad-blocker that blocks invasive ads and trackers by default, and it also includes a built-in crypto wallet for you to exchange your Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).
An advanced, privacy-focused, free and fast browser, Brave Browser is truly a browser with a purpose.

Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser is a free, privacy-focused, ad-blocker that is based on Chromium. This free browser allows you to browse in a clean, safe and fast environment while keeping your privacy on the highest of levels.

Brave Browser is packed with many great features such as a built-in crypto wallet, an ad-blocker, a built-in DNS, and much more. The browser is available in both English and French, and is fully compatible with all desktop browsers. However, the browser is only available for Windows.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Brave Browser.

Special Features of Brave Browser

The Good

Advanced ad blocker by default
Brave Browser is the first browser that comes with an ad blocker by default, and it works very well. The browser blocks trackers, cookies, and other intrusive ads, which significantly improves the browsing experience. It also blocks content from third-party sites such as ads.

Per-site cookie control
You can tell Brave to control your per-site cookies, so that you don’t have to worry about being tracked every time you browse the Internet.

Crypto wallet
Brave Browser has a built-in wallet that will help you to store your tokens.

Speedy and safe browsing
The browsing experience is safe, and it is very fast. The browser blocks malware, viruses and is based on Chromium.

The Bad

A bit expensive to maintain
The browser is an open-source one, which means that the developers of the browser need to pay for the maintenance costs.

Can you get my friends to join?
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