Turn all your keys into macros on your keyboard and allow you to easily bind your most used keyboard shortcuts to any shortcut of your choice. The program is 100% free to use.
KeyMacro has 2 main functions, the first one is to automate keyboard shortcuts that would normally be done with a mouse. As an example, you can bind the “eject” shortcut to a mouse click.
The second main function is to bind your most used keyboard shortcuts to your most used programs. For example, you can bind the “alt+left” and “alt+right” shortcuts to either copy a selection or open a window.
– Auto Bind: The program automatically binds your most used keyboard shortcuts to either a mouse click or to a program of your choice.
– Programmable Action: You can configure your shortcuts to do anything from copying a selection or launching a program of your choice.
– Keymap: The program can also use the built-in keymap file of your keyboard.
– Timer: If you bind a keyboard shortcut to your most used program and you would like to cancel it for a certain amount of time, you can specify a timer.
– Hotkey: You can define your own hotkey for a keyboard shortcut you want to use as a macro.
– Programmable Hotkey: If you are more comfortable with a graphical interface, you can also use the hotkey tool to configure key combinations for your most used applications.
– Full Keyboard Screenshot: It also takes a screenshot of your entire keyboard so you can see the key combination you have bound to.
– Mouse Key: The program can also use the mouse button to perform certain operations like binding the right mouse button to a program or hotkey.
– Mouse Capture: It also captures mouse movement so you can use it to make shortcuts that run a program or move a window to a certain position.
– Notification: The program can also be configured to alert you when a program is started or a key combination is pressed.
– Various Tools: It also has a tool to change your keyboard and mouse settings, as well as other utilities.
– Keyboard Layout: It also includes a tool that can configure your keyboard to a US, UK, French, or other language, or you can even use the software to create your own keymap.

Note:KeyMacro is an advanced shortcut editor.It can help you to efficiently use your keyboard and save you many clicks. It’s free and 384a16bd22

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1. The nLite GUI allows you to configure a complete system and save it to a single image.
2. When saved, the image can be restored onto your computer to simplify your reinstallations and restores.
3. After the restore process is complete, all that is needed is to re-run the nLite GUI to load up your restored image.
4. You can keep an unlimited number of images.
5. You can choose to load your restored image from the command line using the command “VirtualBoxStart”.
6. If you load an image, and don’t have a PC with an activated nLite license, you can restore it for free.
KEYMACRO Installation
1. To add an addon to nLite go to Addons and then Add.
2. Select the type of addon you want to add and click on Add.
3. You will now see a box to add the addon to your nLite configuration.
4. Add the addon to the box by typing the name of the addon that you want.
5. You can also type the path where the addon is located in your nLite path directory.
6. Once you have entered the name of the addon that you want to add, you will be prompted to add the plugin.
7. Click on Add Plugins and you will be prompted to restart nLite.
8. The nLite GUI will appear and you can select any of the addons that you have just installed.
9. Click on Save nLite and select a name for the image that you have just created.
10. To load the image click on Load nLite.
11. When loading your image, you will see a screen that allows you to choose a location to save the image to, and select the file extension.
12. Click OK to finish.
13. If you need to reload your image you can simply click on Load nLite and then click on Restore nLite Image.
Addon Description
Select the type of addon that you want to add to nLite.


Advanced nLite is the advanced version of nLite Advanced, includes the capacity to remove OS, programs and applications, and other features.

Advanced nLite is the advanced version of nLite Advanced, includes the capacity to remove OS, programs and applications, and other features.


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