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Cobol to Powerpoint Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use application. It can convert Cobol source codes to Powerpoint source codes. It can convert several Cobol source codes into one or more Powerpoint source codes at the same time.
Key Features:
1.It has a user-friendly interface
2. It has a very easy-to-use and extremely

Speed up your resume (professional resumes, cover letters, CV’s) by having each section of your resume written out word for word. Save time and the hassle of rearranging your resume. Each section of your resume is automatically customized with the correct information required.

Gadgets for resume writing – a help with cv and cover letter and a help with resume writing and it is a way for professional writing. GFD is a perfect application to write your resume and prepare yourself for your work. With GFD you will be able to create up to 50 well-written and searchable pages of resume

CAD (Conversion Assistant for DTP-Datenservice AG) is the solution for all your conversion needs, be it from a source document (such as an Office or Excel file) to a document or vice versa. CAD provides an easy way to convert between these and other formats such as: MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and more. In addition, CAD also comes with…

Macro Master is a tool for the development and editing of Macros for Excel. Macro Master allows you to create and edit Excel Macros, and save macros for future use. It is a modern and user friendly development and editing environment that allows users of all experience levels to create and edit Macros for Excel.

DipSoft has been developing macros for MS Office since 1997. DipSoft’s product line offers a library of about 1 million macros for MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. You can also develop your own macros. Our Application Framework allows you to create a new set of macros in minutes with minimal coding skills.

Excel Macro Security(MacroLock) is a popular user interface program for protecting excel macros from accidental program execution.
It is simple to protect your macros from execution by setting the program property to allow or deny.
MacroLock is a standalone program that can be used to lock macros from…

XML Spreadsheet is an efficient library and programming environment to process and manipulate
XML documents in Excel. 70238732e0

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If you want to make your mouse become a keyboard, using KEYMACRO, you can make this happen.
This software program enables you to have mouse buttons behave as keyboard keys.
This means that you can simulate the key presses you are used to using on a keyboard, thus giving you a very useful tool at your disposal.
This software is designed to work with Windows and Linux computers.
It can be used either by typing the corresponding command into the command line (Windows) or the terminal (Linux).
It allows you to redefine the buttons you have installed, which gives you more buttons than you were originally intended.
You can also change the hotkey, which is the number you press when the program is opened. This key can be changed to one of the letters A through Z, which is handy for those who are looking to use keyboard shortcuts to open programs or documents.
KEYMACRO is a simple utility that can be used by everyone, so it is a good tool to have in your arsenal.
KEYMACRO has been tested to work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Linux Mint, Elementary, Ubuntu and Debian.
It is available to download now, with no hidden catches and with a 7-day trial period.
KEYMACRO Trial Key Features:
• Mouse Button behaves as keyboard keys
• Mouse Button redefined
• Keyboard Shortcut for opening program
• Program opens when you press Enter or go to the Dashboard
• Keyboard Shortcut for opening menu
• Redefined keys
• Mouse can be in any position
• Works with keyboard layouts with any keyboard
• Mouse can be in any position
• Works with keyboard layouts with any keyboard
• It can be freely downloaded and used for the first seven days
• This program offers a free seven-day trial period
• KEYMACRO costs $19.99 but you can get a 7-day trial period
+ It is very easy to use
+ It is very easy to use
+ There are lots of options
+ Some people may be confused by some of the options

Mozilla Firefox Description:
Firefox is the most popular web browser and it is known to be user-friendly and extensible.
However, despite its popularity and extensibility, people can still find themselves faced with numerous issues that can be fixed by downloading a web browser extension.
This is exactly why Mozilla developed the Firefox Add-ons, which


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