— A simple macro with a series of useful mapping and filters for simple audio processing like manipulation, ducking or compression.
— Different effects mapping is offered on the inputs.
— The audio is passed to the inputs and multiple types of filters and outputs are available.
— Also a built-in compressor, normalizer and limiter are available in the macro.
— The compression is not a fixed amount but rather controlled by adjusting the attack, release and threshold.
Key Differences:
— Modulating effect only!
— Top view
— Similar visual appearance to ‘s Axe Xtender
— Does not feature a mixer
— This does not do cross modulation
— Does not have a preset library
— Does not have a manual
— This is a Modulator only!
— Fully configurable
— Hotkeys customizable
— Macros can be used in VST/AU/RTAS and in Standalone on Windows
— This is a standalone version of’s AudioFX macros, available on the Artist website
— This plugin is based on x2k, available on the Artist website
— Requires Reason 6.x
— Requires WMAJ, available on the Artist website
— Requires a standalone version of x2k
— Audio Rate Conversion is NOT supported!
— 64-bit OS support is required

— Macros should work with all’s plugins, including the VST versions!
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2014-09-24 – Release of Reason ‘08.1’ is now available!
2014-09-24 – – Reason ‘08.1’ is now available!
Reason 8.1 is now available for download.
New Features
* Added Sound-On-Sound option in the Audio section of the FX Rack.
* New Rig can now be added to Reason’s Sequencer with “Add Rig to Sequencer”.
* Added ProFXPack files for -Reason.
* The new VST-Plugin-Format, VST32-Plugin, can now be downloaded from VST Plugin Server.
* Added some new 384a16bd22

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