A Pidgin plugin to make Twitter, identi.ca and status.net the default IM for Pidgin.
This plugin basically supports the following:
– Update status in timelines and search
– Send DM messages
– Receive DM messages
– Follow users on Twitter, identi.ca and status.net
– Identify users on Twitter, identi.ca and status.net
– Delete user on Twitter, identi.ca and status.net
– Retrieve public and private photos from Twitter, identi.ca and status.net
– If the user has a Twitter, identi.ca or status.net account, you can friend them on the user’s site.
This plugin requires API access to Twitter, identi.ca, status.net, and possibly other services as the plugin will need to access your buddies’s information.
Written in C#, uses Libpurple (
Supports Pidgin 2.8.0 and higher.
Also available on Google Code:
Authored by Miklos Vajna (@minimaxir)
Further developed by:
– Dennis Kaarsemaker (@denniskaarsemaker)
– Stephen Hoffart (@hay), nyctimber.net
– And others, see git log
Please, report bugs and feature requests here:
Direct questions and comments to the author at: minimaxir@gmail.com
Getting Started:
To make sure microbloom is working, you must install a Twitter, identi.ca, or status.net account. Then go to the user’s page and add the user to your friends. After the users accepts your friendship, you will be able to communicate with them.
To add microbloom, you can add it to the plugin list, or you can install it. Installing it is as simple as downloading the archive, unzipping it and running the file `microbloom-*.exe` or `microbloom-*.sh`.
After the installation, you must tell microbloom your credentials for Twitter, identi.ca and status.net. This is done in the configuration wizard: ce698b3d9e

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