A comprehensive look at academic ethics, Internet use and bullying, and academic cheating. All of these topics are important aspects of life for today’s students.
The issue of academic ethics is an important one for students. Should students lie to professors to get an advantage or cheat on exams?
How should Internet users use social media in an ethical manner? Should students report illegal activity on the Internet or should they try to ignore it?
The idea of cyber-bullying is also an important topic, especially when it comes to adolescents. Some students are victims of cyber-bullying from people they don’t even know. Does the criminalization of cyber-bullying go far enough?
This course is also an excellent resource for students who want to learn about academic ethics, Internet use, and academic cheating. This course is about more than just cheating.

Educational Topics – Advanced C++ Programming Topics

Advanced C++ Programming Topics – Learn C++ Programming

Advanced C++ Programming Topics – Learn C++ Programming

In this video, we will discuss the most important topics of C++ Programming
#. Character
#. Data Types and its Defination
#. Operations on Data Types
#. Arrays
#. Memory and Pointers
#. Linked Lists
#. File I/O
#. Classes and objects
#. The copy constructor, destructor, and copy assignment operator
#. What is Encapsulation
#. Static data members and class methods
#. Default Constructors
#. Static member functions
#. Exception handling
#. Error handling
#. Scope and lifetime of objects
#. Class and object inheritance
#. Why do you need to know this
#. The return statement
#. Switch statement
#. The if statement
#. The for loop
#. Functions
#. The continue statement
#. Break and continue.
#. Using namespace.
#. Error handling
#. Loop
#. while
#. The do-while statement
#. Switch statement
#. The switch statement
#. Break and continue.
#. The if statement
#. The do-while statement
#. Using while loop
#. The break statement
#. The continue statement
#. Loop
#. The for loop
#. Using while loop
#. Loop
#. The while statement
#. The continue statement
#. Using while loop
#. The break 4f8c9c8613

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