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This is a brand new package! This is the last one! Here’s what’s in it:
– New custom gear models
– Created twice as many standard gear models
– Made new custom gear models easier to edit
– New raw meshes for the standard gear models
– Increased the loading times of the gear models in the software a bit

These are the new gears:

(Needs installation of the Red Circle folder)
Check out my new gearpack and let me know what you think!
Made with Badog Designer 2.0
Rigged with Badog Software

The original version of this created gear was made by a former Apprentice,Caden Kelly
This version I made was created with Badog Designer 2.0.
Check out my other stuff too at:

Well I put this up yesterday and this afternoon they emailed me that it was not posted, so I redid the file and reuploaded. This time it was posted yesterday.
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!
This is the sprocket version of my first gear pack.
See the other pack in my gearpack folder.
This is a standard gearpack
P.S. Make sure you update to 2.0 or higher of Badog Designer
P.P.S. If you need to know how to create your own gears and stuff, check out the tutorial on my website.

A new project by Ryan. This is a standard gear. I made it to save time.
A quick update 84e02134c1

Network Simulator for CCNA
MusiFind Pro
FreeRAM XPlus
Electrochemical Cells Pro
Verilog to VHDL Converter
D-Link DIR-635 Quick Router Setup
Documan Pro
TwistedBrush Blob Studio
Random Number Generator
CyberLink ColorDirector
Anagram Finder
Maxotek Webshots Grabber
Visual Blast
Disc Ejector
SQL Master

Saves the clipboard to the clipboard on keypress
Version 1.0
May 8th 2007

-Change the size of the logo’s
-Change the speed of the logos
-Change the offset of the logo’s from the top of the screen
-Add,remove,and re-arrange the logos
-Change the color of the logos
-Change the background of the screen
-Change the clock off/on
-Change the font of the clock
-Change the time/time elapsed
-Change the auto start of the screensaver

Run Mozilla FireFox ScreenSaver on your windows desktop. Show the world (or your office) that you’re using Mozilla FireFox!
This screensaver has FireFox logos bouncing over your desktop.
It has some features not found in the original for Windows XP/Windows 7:
* Can take screenshots on shutdown
* Ability to record desktop actions
* Better error handling
* Ability to take custom screenshots
* FireFox logo background change
* Ability to use custom desktop background
* Ability to set custom desktop wallpaper
* New logo
* Ability to set your own window names for Firefox.
DOWNLOAD MyFireFox.co.uk – Mozilla FireFox Screensaver!
MY FIREFOX SCREENSAVER is a screensaver to show the world (or at least your office) that you’re using Mozilla FireFox. Promote Mozilla FireFox even when your not behind your computer! This screensaver has FireFox logos bouncing over your desktop.
The MyFireFox.co.uk screensaver features a clock that will display the time or time elapsed since your screensaver started (Or hide it if you prefer). The screensaver is ready to go but most options are completely configurable.
You can add an remove bouncing FireFox logos, adjust the speed, toggle the clock on and off, set the size, font and color of the clock, Toggle the background on and off, select whether the logos should bounce.
KEYMACRO Description:
Saves the clipboard to the clipboard on keypress
Version 1.0
May 8th 2007



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