Having an anti-virus/anti-malware utility around is never a bad idea, unless your computer has some years behind and its resources are not enough to share. If you find yourself in that situation, you should check ClamPatrol out — a portable AV that employs ClamAV's Virus Database in order to detect possible threats.
You have to set it up first
Setting up an AV might sound discouraging, especially for users who are not knowledgeable enough regarding this type of software, but ClamPatrol is an exception. You'll be met by a compact panel — nothing like a standard AV — that holds a total of six tabs, each providing the data you need.
Launch the executable and follow the prompt that guides you to ClamAV's official database website. Download the "main.cvd" and "daily.cvd" files, and move them to the "db" folder, found within the ClamPatrol archive. Launch the app again in order to finish the process and access the interface.
UI structure
Even though CP's interface is not as flashy or complex as a full-fledged antivirus, it still manages to provide the user with features like scanning, quarantine, exclusions, etc. — all placed in easy-to-reach tabs.
If scanning isn't possible, it's not an anti-virus. In this case, scanning can be done in four ways. A smart scan, which doesn't seem that smart, as it's just a full-scan. A Removable Media Scan — a useful feature to have considering this utility was intended for this exact environment. The possibility to custom scan, and one to repeat the last scan — both useful in specific situations.
Despite being a simple shadow of a more powerful product, ClamPatrol tries not to be a copy of ClamAV, but to be what the original isn't; portable. Being able to carry the detection capabilities of ClamAV is a big plus for fans of this product, but there's a small downside. Each time the database updates, you'll have to do it manually for CP, as there is no auto-update feature.







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The capabilities of an anti-virus are not limited to the detection of viruses, they can also be used to identify worms and spyware. If you’re still under the impression that you have the perfect anti-virus suite installed, ClamPatrol should bring the word “identify” to mind.
No manual updating needed, the app handles updates automatically.
Incl. Virus Database
No “scan” type. [The name is misleading]

The ClamPatrol app is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is drag and drop the files on to the appropriate fields and select either a smart scan or a removal scan. All it takes is a couple of clicks before you can get back to the ClamAV database.
This is a very simple utility, but for the price you can’t really ask for anything more than that.
Since the virus database is updated each week, the app has to refresh it’s database in order to detect any changes.


AV-Clam – much simpler than ClamAV.

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ClamPatrol For PC

• Provides real-time protection.
• For Windows XP and Vista
• Scan and quarantine files using the ClamAV engine.
• Supports all types of files including NTFS, FAT, APFS and HFS+.
• Automatic daily and weekly scans.
• Scan files individually or in batches.
• Scan only whole folders or all their contents (using recurse option).
• Scan for both known and unknown files.
• Automatically exclude known files.
• Quick scans of removables media.
• Scan for hidden and deleted files.
• Scan multiple drives.
• Scan sub-folders.
• Support for multiple viruses.
• Support for multiple databases.
• Multi-lingual support.
• Changelog.
Version Fixed the issue with removing malicious files.
The latest version is, but is in the process of being renamed to ClamWin.
You can download ClamWin here


I’ve had good results with ClamXav, it’s not as robust as ClamAV but it’s pretty close. I’ll try and find a link and add it.

I don’t have any experience with it though, so I can’t really vouch for it.

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“ClamPatrol is a portable antivirus and anti-malware application for Windows. It is based on the engine of the well known antivirus and anti-malware program ClamAV.

ClamPatrol was designed to be as light and portable as possible, so that it can be easily used on any type of computer. The interface of ClamPatrol is very compact, allowing the user to scan or quarantined files and folders in a few simple clicks. Files and folders can be scanned from local hard drives, removable media (removable USB and CD/DVD), and network drives. Scanned files and folders are highlighted with an anti-virus mark that notifies the user of the scan.

ClamPatrol is able to quarantine infected files, so that the user can continue to work on the computer without worries. The quarantine files can be found and copied to another location manually or automatically. The quarantine area is easily customizable, so that the user can save the quarantine files to a specific location. The quarantine and quarantine location can be easily copied to a USB drive or another computer.

ClamPatrol automatically updates its database whenever the database has been updated. All software updates are automatically installed when they are available, and the quarantine files and system modifications are backed up before the update is installed.”

It is a free, yet, you can donate to ClamAv if you like it.
As for other free anti-virus, we have virus guard and Kaspersky.


I would recommend ClamTk it’s a simple, lightweight portable antivirus and I was using it myself.

it’s for Windows only
not much more than the readme, it’s not very featureful


I would suggest to use the Linux AntiVirus Critter.
It is a antivirus utility written in C#.
Here is a download link for it:

It is not free, but as @Nathaniel already mentioned, the author is providing it for free.
If you like the idea of Critter, then try it out.


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What’s New in the ClamPatrol?

Includes the following components:
• ClamAV GUI
• Windows Firewall Rules
• 4-month trial
• Finds your blocked or hidden files
• Installs or deinstalls applications
• Finds and removes viruses
• Finds and removes trojans, adware, and malware
• Finds rootkits
• Finds and removes infected files
• Finds rootkits
• Finds and removes infected processes
• Finds and removes possible backdoors
• Finds and removes stolen files
• Provides a queue of incoming email "events"
• Generates reports
• Support for all ClamAV databases
• Provides two full-system scans
• Fuzzer provides a unique detection method
• Lists your current settings
• Shares all of your firewall and firewall-style rules
• Includes an example of an Install Program Setup.inf file
• Includes an example of a Cleanup Program Setup.inf file
• Various ClamAV components to help you customize your scan
• Uses a virus definition list to find and remove viruses, trojans, adware, and malware
• Uses an email definition list to detect potentially malicious emails
• Uses a program/driver definition list to detect potentially malicious drivers
• Uses a process definition list to detect potentially malicious processes
• Includes instructions to fix errors in ClamAV.dll
• Includes instructions to remove ClamAV.dll
• Includes instructions to update to the latest ClamAV version
• Includes instructions to view and/or download the latest virus definition list
• Provides a tool to automatically update ClamAV with the latest virus definition lists
• Includes an example of a Startup Script Setup.inf file
• Includes an example of a User Databas Setup.inf file
• Uses a virus database
• Uses a program/driver database
• Uses a process database
• Includes instructions to remove the Virus Database
• Provides two full-system scans
• Uses a quiet scan method
• Uses a verbose scan method
• Provides a queue of incoming email "events"
• Provides a queue of incoming POP3 email messages
• Automatically cleans the spamfilter on incoming email "events"
• Uses an offline Virus Definition List
• Uses an offline Process Definition List
• Includes instructions to download an offline virus definition list
• Includes instructions to download an offline process definition list
• Provides two full-system scans
• Uses an offline virus database
• Uses an offline program/driver database
• Includes instructions to download an offline virus database
• Includes instructions to download an offline program/driver database
• Includes instructions to remove the virus database
• Provides a queue of incoming email "events"
• Includes instructions to remove the program/driver database

System Requirements:

Minimum specs are a multicore CPU, 2GB RAM, and DirectX 10.x or OpenGL 3.x compatible video card. This game supports the following video cards and their recommended video settings:
i7, GTX 680, 1920×1080, Very High, Very High, Ultra AA, Ultra Quality AA, FXAA enabled
i7, GTX 680, 1920×1080, High, High, Ultra AA, Ultra Quality AA, FXAA enabled GTX 660, 1280×720, High, High, High, FXAA, Ultra AA


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