We all need time off from the business. Whether your work demands freedom from the monotony of corporate life or you simply need a break from all the worries of daily life, you should have a reliable source of professional time management and personal development. All of us need time to grow. How can you effectively monitor your daily activity?
BT Watcher is a free time management software that helps you keep track of everything you need to do. This PC time management software enables you to view all your upcoming activities in a clear and well-organized manner, which results in a more efficient and effective way of using your time. It is an application that allows you to view and schedule your daily activities, task, tasks, appointments, and calendar in a flash, so that you can instantly keep track of the current situation.
BT Watcher offers powerful and sophisticated features such as a reminder system, integration with your G-mail and Facebook accounts, search for future dates, and much more. BT Watcher Pro offers support for multiple users and a link to Google calendar. You can also customize the appearance and design of BT Watcher Pro.
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Qik MMS / Qik Video Converter / Qik Viewer –
Qik is a mobile video sharing platform with more than 30 million users worldwide. It is quickly and easily accessible through all major mobile platforms, and currently supports mobile phones with OS versions from 2.1 up to 4.0. The service currently offers over 60 video and audio formats, including a live Qik-to-Qik streaming option, making Qik one of the most efficient methods of sharing videos and audio.
Qik Video Converter is a portable software application with the ability to convert video files for viewing on mobile phones and other devices. Its impressive range of tools and options mean that the converters can also be used to convert video files from the web, DVDs, CD’s, memory cards, hard drives, and more.
It is possible to specify the output file format, bit rate, sample frequency, and other parameters. The output video can then be previewed, converted, and saved as a file suitable for viewing on any mobile device.
The software can be used to view and convert video files and convert audio files to suit any music player. Once converted, files can be shared with other users, and the data files can be compressed or expanded to suit storage requirements.
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The KEYMACRO is one of the most important features of the PL1 application. The KEYMACRO includes a current keyboard text. The KEYMACRO is the main tool for the interact with PL1 application to the user. KEYMACRO To enter the menu you can press the TAB key. Pressing the TAB key on the keyboard the KEYMACRO automatically displays the menu.
Two types of PL1 keyboard application:
The type of program information is available and its corresponding description are shown on the display.
The common menu is the menu that defines the option of the programs and the selection of the programs can be done by pressing the TAB key.
When compiling / executing program file or batch file you can use the following operation.
1. RUN – for running on the command line of the operating system the program
file or batch file.
2. ENTER – for defining the menu of the operating system for the running or stop of the program file or batch file.
3. RUN COMMAND- FOR RUNNING ANY COMMAND on the command line of the operating system.
4. EXIT – for exiting the program.
5. KILL – For killing the program.
6. CRASH – For crashing of the program.
7. STOP – For stopping the execution of the program.
PL1 is a program to start the RUN, ENTER, and EXIT on the operating system. The RUN, ENTER, and EXIT are used for interact with program files and batch files. On PL1 application to the user the menu of the operating system is displayed.
You can choose the desired program file or batch file to run by clicking on the program file or batch file in the COMPILE / EXECUTION.
PL1 application allows you to enter the menu of the operating system.
When running or stopping program file or batch file you can use the PL1 application.
PraaNT® 2017
The operating system allows you to start programs using the RUN or ENTER method or, alternatively, if you wish, you can start the program by clicking on the program file or batch file.
PL1 application allows you to start programs on the operating system.
Using the RUN command you can run the program file


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