KEYMACRO is a powerful Macros software that enables user to insert codes to shorten the codes and cut the copy paste time, helps you to avoid tons of boring codes which makes your codes more efficient and flexible. With it, you can make your codes more readable, interactive and customized.
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MacroAssist Description:
Create content-driven viral content on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other sites.
We’re a complete freemium suite for all your social media posting needs.
Automate your posting tasks with MacroAssist’s unique pre-made Macros.
With it, you can create sharing-worthy images and videos, automate your sharing and save time.
Requires Adobe CC or CC 2015 (free).
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TextingPanda Description:
Are you tired of sending your friends text messages, memes, jokes or any other messages that does not require a phone number?
TextingPanda is a simple app that makes it easy to send SMS messages without the need for a phone number!
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Webmaster to PDF Description:
PDF studio is a web-based PDF creator. You can generate PDF files from HTML, Word, Excel, etc.
With it, you can create PDFs directly from your browser, perfect for downloading reports, instructions, etc.
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Treemaker Description:
You’re aware of the importance of a strong website foundation in converting visitors to customers, but do you know how to go about it?
There is no better tool than Treemaker to create and design a website that resonates with your target audience. With the full suite of drag and drop HTML, CSS and JavaScript tools, Treemaker is fast and intuitive.
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Venueshop Website Marketing Software Description:
Venueshop is a Complete Marketing Suite that you can use to manage everything from social media posts to email marketing campaigns.
Easy to implement, easy to use.
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WriteSpeak Live Description:
WriteSpeak Live is an easy to use, powerful content creation tool that will save you the time and hassle of writing and rewriting.
Create powerful content in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks.
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ZaraVumeter is a handy and reliable application designed to help you monitor the level of the sound card line-in port. The application informs you if audio signals are present in the line-in port. The application does not require installation. It just needs to be placed on a removable drive and launched without leaving a fingerprint on the system registry.
ZaraVumeter can save your valuable time because it will notify you as soon as the audio signals disappear. With ZaraVumeter you will always know when the audio signals are turned off, which will help you resume a specific activity, if you were doing something else while the line-in port was being unplugged.

What’s new

The new version of ZaraVumeter brings a whole bunch of useful features, such as a user-friendly tool bar, an enhanced plug-in manager, and an option to save the results of monitoring audio signals to a file.

* Simple: ZaraVumeter is a simple tool that does the job it was designed for. There is no bloated GUI or any other stuff. A simple icon is all you need and it does its job perfectly!

* Easy to use: ZaraVumeter is very easy to use, it is simply designed to help you and that is exactly what it does. It informs you if there are any audio signals in the line-in port and it will notify you as soon as the audio signals disappear. There is no need to set up any system settings or to uninstall anything. Just put the application on a removable drive and start monitoring the audio signals.

* Versatile: The latest version of ZaraVumeter has many new and useful features, such as a user-friendly tool bar, an enhanced plug-in manager, and an option to save the results of monitoring audio signals to a file.

* The best choice: ZaraVumeter is the most popular application on Windows since it does exactly what it says: it monitors the line-in port and informs you if there are any audio signals. It is designed to save your time and money.

* Delivered: The new version of ZaraVumeter is fully functional, reliable, and its price is extremely low. I don’t know of any other software of its category that is delivered for such a low price.

* Performance: ZaraVumeter is very stable, fast and its installation time is low. It does

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