Fantastic CSV Converter is a useful tool that enables you to decode CSV (text) files and save them as a different format, in order to manage them using other applications. The software supports multiple output formats, suitable with database managing applications, including SQL and SPSS.
Simple interface and conversion guide
The software divides the conversion process into four easy steps. First you need to select the output format, by choosing between the multiple supported output file types: XML, HTML, Excel, Access SPSS, DBF, Lotus 1-2-3, SQL and Quattro Pro.
Alternatively, you may preserve the format for the output file, but instead use the software to change certain settings, such as CSV (text) separator or delimiter. You can simply select the CSV (text) to CSV (text) option, form the Conversion type tab.
Choose the input file and settings
In the next steps, Fantastic CSV Converter prompts you to choose the file that you wish to process, since it can only process one document at a time. You need to set certain conversion options, such as CSV (text) separator, delimiter or other specific settings, depending on the output file format.
The Settings tab is common to all conversion types, and the program can remember your preferences, for further processes. Thus, if you wish to transform a CSV to a DBF document, you need to choose the output version and memo type, while for output XML you need to specify the encoding method.
Choosing the output path
The last step before starting the conversion consists of selecting a destination folder for the processed file. It can be saved in the same directory as the original file, with a different name, or it can even replace the input document.
Fantastic CSV Converter is a useful tool that can help you with transforming CSV files to other formats, in a quick manner, without loss of quality or information. It can come in handy when you use a database manager software that does not support CSV– In a surprise move, the Bucks have signed free agent Paul Millsap. The 26-year-old small forward played for the Utah Jazz last season, averaging 15.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

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Truly comprehensive antivirus protection without a single installation:
The free version of AntiVirus Plus protects your computer against viruses, worms and trojans.
Simple installation procedure:
No need for additional software or special tools.
No registry modifications.
Is antivirus protection the same in free version and full version?
It is possible to use the full features of the program in the free version.
On the contrary, it is not possible to use all features of the full version in the free version.
You can get detailed information about these limitations in the free version.
What does the free version of the program offer?
It offers the following essential functions:
AntiVirus protection for all files, documents, programs and web sites you download or open.
An integrated spam filter that can be configured to automatically detect and block incoming spam.
A data security program that can clean your computer of temporary files or cookies.
An integrated program browser that can be used to surf the Internet, download files, etc.
A basic help function.
What about the price?
The program is free of charge for personal use.
It contains no ads.
How can you contact us?
You can reach us by e-mail at
Any questions regarding the program, please contact

Glow by Slipstream is a multiplayer FPS game for Windows platforms that combines an immersive first-person shooter gameplay with a science fiction theme.

New Features:

Player Progression System – now there are new weapons, upgrades, ranks, and level system that allow you to progress through ranks and levels to gain more power.

Zoom Mode – now you can use “Zoom” mode to see further than ever before.

Gun Upgrade System – now you can give your guns a new, unique look by upgrading the weapon components.

In-game Photo Mode – now you can use “Photo Mode” to take a photo of enemies on the battlefield.

Steam Achievements – now you can earn achievements to show your skills as a master of your guns and weapons.

The Stealth is a realistic stealth first-person shooter. Your mission: to rescue a captured officer by sneaking into enemy territory and destroying the guards on duty. You have 3 weapons at your disposal, 3 map areas, and 2 difficulty modes to choose from. Features:- Casual and hard-core gameplay – realistic weapons –вђћgoogleвђњ-diskas/

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