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DiskSweep is a small app that provides an estimate of the amount of free space available on a local disk partition, and then helps identify the largest files and get rid of them if there is no space left.
All of this happens without requiring any administration privileges. You can also clean the disk and defragment files while DiskSweep runs in the background.
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How to get rid of virus and stop virus from locking files and folders of your computer? This is the most common question asked by people when they are in trouble. This is what today we are going to share with you, that if you have to get rid of virus, stop virus from locking files and folders, then you have to know few things about Viruses and the action which they perform to make your system running slow.

The key difference between Virus and Worm

A worm and a virus is a malware that performs a malicious activity. The difference between the worm and the virus is that worm does not perform malicious activity on its own. In simple words, Virus infects the files, folder, data, and other system resources with malicious intent, whereas the Worm has no malicious intent and is only found to work on a system by itself.

A Malicious file is infected when a virus modifies it and then transmit the same to another file through various means. When the infected file is opened, it opens the same file with a modified header and displays its body content.

Harmful Software vs Malicious Software

The program may be harmful or may be malicious. A program can be harmless or harmful, or even both. For example, an email message may be harmful if it contains a virus, but is harmless if it just contains text.

As mentioned above, if the program is harmful, it may cause damage to your system files, thus giving you an annoying PC problem. On the other hand, if the program is malicious, it may spy on your activity and may even hijack your PC’s settings.

Removing Viruses from Computer

There are a few ways to remove viruses and other malware from the computer system.

1. Using Malware Scanner

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FindGraph is an intuitive and fully-featured graphics tool designed for engineers as well as students who require a simple utility in order to create plots and analyze diagrams.
The application features over 200 functions and provides users with support for ‘Polar’, ‘Cartesian’ as well as ‘Parametric’ equations.
The user-friendly interface makes the data entry process very simple, as users can import various file formats into the application or simply copy / paste elements from other programs. They can also do it the old-fashion way, by manually entering the necessary data.
FindGraph supports several types of graphs, such as ‘Scatter’ and ‘Points Groups Diagrams’, ‘Points Density Distributions’, ‘Line Graphs’ and ‘Bar’ or ‘Polar’ plots, all of which allow plenty of flexibility in the setup of scales and grids.
Since FindGraph functions as a COM server, users can easily copy plots as Bitmap and paste them into word processors. Also, the created file can be saved to an image format or to a PDF file.
In addition, users can insert various comments or date and time stamps into the plot. They can also build various functions based on a formula, then apply them to the created plot. Similarly, they can work with famous formulas, such as ‘Astroid’, ‘Ellipse’, ‘Hypocycloid’, ‘Plateau Curves’ or ‘Witch of Agnesi’ by inputting the required parameters and translating them into X and Y coordinates.
FindGraph provides users with a built-in conversion tool that enables them to turn ‘Polar’ plots into ‘Cartesian’ ones, by changing the coordinates from X and Y to W and Z, then adjust them to the new methods of calculation.
Being both comprehensive and user-friendly, FindGraph can prove a great helper to professionals from several fields of activity, such as engineering, science and even finances, as it can easily assist them in creating graphs and diagrams, without much effort.
FindGraph Screenshots:


FindGraph Screenshot:

FindGraph Features:
FindGraph provides the most basic features of all possible graph plotting and drawing tools, plus the most important ones, while being a simple and user-friendly utility.
Here are some of the key FindGraph features:

* Different types of graphs, including:
* ‘Scatter’ graphs
* ‘Points groups diagrams’
* ‘Points D

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