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Screenshot is an application that captures screenshots of your entire screen or just a specified area on your desktop. The captured image can be saved as a standard BMP file, a JPEG image or as a WMF image. Moreover, you can define the size of the area to be captured.
Screenshot comes with a simple and intuitive interface that will most likely be easy to use even for first-time users. Once you have determined where you want to save your image, you can create the specified size with the “New Size” button. After having obtained the size, you can preview it in order to determine if it will fit on your screen properly.
Should the user’s screen not be sufficient in size, an additional screenshot can be created and saved. Moreover, you can easily repeat the process as many times as required in order to create different image sizes.
In addition to the program’s basic functions, you will be provided with all sorts of convenient tools, such as the possibility to save the screenshots in a batch, to specify an output folder and to rename the saved images.
Screen Shot lets you save images in all sorts of image file formats as well. While the most common file extensions are.bmp,.jpg,.jpeg,.wmf,.tif,.emf,.gif,.tiff, you can also use.svg,.doc,.rtf,.ppt,.ps,.pdf and.png. All in all, the image can be created in whichever format you like.
Screenshot can be executed in two different modes. First, you can simply save the image by pressing the “Save” button. Moreover, you can schedule the capture to be performed at a certain time and date.
In addition, you can open the “Preview” tab in order to have a first look at the image before making it available for output. You can define the image quality, set the size and determine whether you want the captured area to be visible on screen. In order to avoid the image from being scaled, you can define the desired window size.
Screen Shot doesn’t offer any advanced editing and uploading functions, but it is most certainly a handy application. The primary function of the tool is simple and quick: it allows you to capture any desired area of your screen.
Screenshot Features:

Create images of any size

Specify the location in which the screenshot should be saved


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