Create any HTML element you want in just seconds! With KEYMACRO you can easily create forms, text boxes, tables, images and more. Simply enter your creation in a streamlined interface and it will be transformed into an HTML page for you.
KEYMACRO is also a powerful HTML page creator that allows you to customize your page using any available text editor, browser or WYSIWYG editor. And it will keep track of your changes as you modify the page, so you don’t have to re-create it from scratch every time.
KeyMacro Features:
✓ Easily create forms, text boxes, tables, images, etc.
✓ Store your pages in text, html, csv, tab, txt, xml and other formats
✓ Create content-specific tools such as a text editor or a browser, etc.
✓ Configure your page easily using an intuitive interface
✓ Keep your page editable, and keep track of changes as you modify it
✓ It can automatically keep your information up-to-date, and update the page after save or when a file is changed.
✓ Supports more than 100 file formats
✓ Open source, so you can view or modify the source
✓ Keep your content synchronized with other software.
✓ Support both 32-bit and 64-bit systems
✓ Support most popular operating systems
Try it for free at
Sudo Tool Description:
Sudo is the Linux/BSD’super-user DO’ utility. It enables you to run programs as a special kind of user named ‘root’. This is a dangerous practice because ‘root’ user has all privileges, including the ability to do anything on your system. Sudo eliminates the need to enter your user name and password when you run a program, since it authenticates itself with a token. This is a very convenient way to start programs which may require root privileges such as installing and configuring packages, changing system settings, and a lot more.
Sudo was originally written by Kevin Kern and Robert Elz of NetBSD and it was subsequently added to the GNU project.
Sudo Features:
✓ Not only allows you to run any program as root, but you can also run a command as a different user
✓ You can change Sudo’s configuration settings, which is very important in case you wish to block some operations, restrict access to some features, etc. 4f8c9c8613

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Universal keystroke macro recorder and editor for Windows. Includes a command line interface and an editing interface. Includes the ability to import and export keystrokes. Features a’record once’ mode with the ability to record multiple sequences. Easy to use. Includes many features: auto-repeat, macro recording and editor, auto-record on exit, enable/disable keystrokes, silence keys, import or export macros, functions, scripts, etc. 3rd party keyboard macros are allowed.

Keymacro OneKeyMacro offers: Keystroke Record/Macro/Editor, one keyboard event is not enough.
Keymacro is an easy to use and fully integrated tool for recording and editing macros. You record a keyboard event with just one mouse click. There is no limit on the amount of events you can record. The recorded events can be stored on a disk or a database. A keystroke is just one component of a macro. You can edit and play your macros as if they were programs. Create, edit, play and delete macros.
The Macro Editor shows the recorded events in a hierarchical tree view. You can search for or enter a macro, play or edit a recorded event. You can also view and export your macros to text files. You can record a macro, edit it and play it with just a single mouse click.
You can share and sync your macros between computers.
You can import and export macros to various file formats, which can be imported and exported by other software. You can import an Excel or CSV file as a macro and export an XLSX file as a macro. You can also import a.PRG file or a.PS file as a macro.
Keymacro supports running macros as programs or scripts. You can also record a code snippet. You can also get to the source code of the program or script by viewing the recorded event.
A button in the Macro Editor shows the current recorded events in the status bar. A timeline shows the events as they are recorded.

The SWF (SWF Player) allows you to play Flash (SWF) files within the Windows system tray. The background can be set and Flash files can be played simultaneously. If you exit an application that uses Flash, the SWF Player will continue playing your current Flash file. Once a SWF file is opened, the Windows Taskbar will automatically hide.

The SWF Player works with any SWF file, whether they be hosted web sites, downloaded or embedded

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