URL Monitor is a light weight application that allows you to track and monitor a specific URL address. It can be used to check URLs to see if they are modified or updated or to see if any form submissions have been made without your knowledge. It is very useful to quickly monitor your web sites and blogs for changes that you may be interested in.


•Simple to use – No need to read any user guides to use this software. Simply run the executable file, enter your information and you’re ready to go.
•Appropriate security – The software runs as a safe, normal application without giving any cause for concern. It does not create any windows in your desktop. It simply keeps running in the background and lets you know if a change has been made.
•Applications supported – This application supports most web browsers and FTP clients. The software is able to check websites and FTP servers.
•Stays in memory – This application does not leave any traces of its use. It simply runs in the background and informs you of any changes to a URL without causing any further inconvenience.
•Minimizes to system tray – While running in the background, the software minimizes to your system tray so that you can always monitor the URLs you need to be monitored.
•Logs all activity – Each check performed is logged in a separate file. This information may be viewed in order to keep track of the progress of your URL monitoring session.
•Security updates – As with all other applications you use, the software checks for updates and installs them automatically. It is just a few clicks away from letting you know that there are new updates available.
•Customizable alerts – A window that shows you when a change has been made is displayed. You can customize the appearance of the window so that you are alerted in a manner you want.
•New notification icon – When a change has been detected, a new icon is added to your system tray. This adds a nice visual touch to the application.
•Schedule checks – This application lets you schedule checks to run at certain times of the day. You are able to specify the hour, minute, and day of the week that you wish to perform a check.
•System tray support – The application works just as it should when it is running in the background. The progress bar will appear in the system tray and an alert window will pop up if a change has been made.
•Taskbar button – When running on the desktop eea19f52d2


Excel-to-Oracle was designed as a simple and straightforward tool for converting excel files to Oracle database. It is a handy utility that is available for free and is easy to download and install.
– Excel Conversion: Works for Excel documents and comma separated value files
– Set Oracle Database connection: Specify username, password, IP, database name, and port
– Save to database: Set the database name, username, password, and IP
– Print output: You can print the converted file to a text file, a printer or even send it to your e-mail.
– Statistics: Statistics and running time about the conversion
– Additional tools: Convert and export or import MS Excel files into SQL
Excel-to-Oracle Pros:
– Can be used with MS Excel documents and CSV files
– Free for home and commercial use
– Have a simple interface with clear instructions
– Supports a wide range of Excel files
– Easy to install and use
– Very well designed and easy to navigate
Excel-to-Oracle Cons:
– Runs on a CPU with less than 1 GB of RAM
Download Excel-to-Oracle:Q:

Returning success url after data saved, rails

Im trying to save a post, I have a form with a simple text field and a button, on submit i’d like to redirect to the edit_post_path if the data saved, but I cant seem to figure out how to redirect if the data saved, I’m using a new_post action in the controller.
here’s the form:

Here’s the controller:
def new_post
@post = Post.new(params[:post])
@post.user_id = current_user.id
respond_to do |format|


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