KEYMACRO is a powerful plugin which enables the user to quickly translate any flash movie into video of any resolution. It allows the user to directly watch the flash movie online or install it into his computer to work in your own way.

Note: – This application is to be used ONLY to convert the flash movie into video, and it cannot convert flash game into video in any way. under the surface of a river or under the land. Generally, natural springs have a large volume of water flowing from them.

Naturally fed wells

A naturally fed well is an artificial freshwater well that is fed by a spring or aquifer that is located under the earth. Generally, naturally fed wells have a lower volume of water flowing through them than do naturally occurring springs.

As of 2002, there are about 3,600 natural freshwater wells in North America and about 28,600 in the world.

Obtaining water from naturally fed wells

The water that is used to fill a naturally fed well comes from an aquifer. A permeable rock layer under the ground stores water and allows it to filter down into the earth. When the water reaches a layer of gravel, it begins to be naturally filtered and is carried by capillary action into the well that is dug down to the gravel layer. If the water is not needed at the time, it is collected in a pit or container and is available for use at a later time.

The type of water used in a well is dependent on the rock layers in which the well is dug. For example, if the rock layer is sandstone, the water will be brackish. If the rock layer is shale, the water will be mostly saline.

A naturally fed well may have a pump attached to it for use in pumping water if it is desired. Pumping water from a naturally fed well conserves the water if the well is located in an area that has had drought, and the water needs to be used.


Natural wells are cheaper than drilled wells.
The water that is used in a naturally fed well is free to the public.
The water that is used in a naturally fed well is likely to be healthy.


The water in a naturally fed well is not treated.
A naturally fed well is not safe if there is a possibility of contamination.
Natural wells tend to dry up.
If there is a possibility of contamination, the water in 384a16bd22

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KCS Retail Enterprise is a very complex applications with multiple uses and features that allows you to manage your business, either a small store or a chain of markets.
It comes with a very complex graphical interface that’s packed with a number of sections that you can check out.
Complete the setup
The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to complete a complicated setup. You need to pick between installing the program as a standalone application, server or client solution.
The next step is to create a SQL server, simply pick the server name, user name, password and database name. It will display the current PC IP and name and it allows you to pick a log path for activities inside the application and one for temporary files.
Pick installation packages
The next step is to pick the modules that you would like to install, you can choose from financial, asset, bar code, employee and users management. Other modules are customer support, retail application library and many more.
Once you’ve completed the installation, you will need to provide some basic information on your business, like address, country, currency, business type, chain store and manager. You can create various accounts inside the application and restrict access to unauthorized users.
Manage your business easily
It comes with the option to manage your stock, you can create and maintain a database with all products that you’re selling or ingredients for meals that you sell in your menu.
The Inventory Management includes features like item set up, stock estimation, stock adjustment, stock transfer etc. It also has a Purchase Management section that includes features like vendor set up, purchase order, purchase return, receipt of goods etc.
More features and tools
It comes with Automated Accounting for any various transactions like Purchase Order, Purchase Return, Sales Order, Sales Return and more. The Customer Relationship Management section includes features like Customer Loyalty, Customer Feedback and many more.
All in all, KCS Retail Enterprise is packed with multiple tools and features that allow you to manage your business efficiently.
Autoexcel Description:
AutoExcel is a great tool to import data from various formats like CSV, Excell, SQL, Access, Tab delimited, XML, Text, Oracle and CSV etc. It also comes with a very comprehensive database import and export utility that allows you to import or export databases from different types of formats.
It is not only that, AutoExcel also offers an amazing GUI that allows you to work with database in an easy way. With it,

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