Readr for Reddit is a browser extension for Reddit which adds a reader mode to the site. In reader mode, the site makes heavy use of fonts and colors to visually distinguish the various parts of Reddit.
This reader mode can be enabled with a single click, after which the site will automatically attempt to automatically enter reader mode when you load the site. Once in reader mode, the main page will switch to a much darker color scheme, which allows you to see the larger text more easily. Reddit will attempt to use the same reader mode for any pages that are in reader mode, even if they’re not on Reddit. This way, you can have a dark color theme on your phone and then still read Reddit on your computer or laptop.
– Adds a reader mode to Reddit.
– Makes Reddit easier to read by changing some elements of the site’s appearance.
– Makes it easier to see the new comment replies, and the comments that are within the thread.
– The word wrap mode is the same as the normal scrolling on Reddit. You can use the reader mode with the word wrap.

Now you can effortlessly read the Reddit using Readr. The extension also adds a night mode (same as the theme) for the extension. There are two color schemes for the extension.

Extension is compatible with all popular browsers. The link for the extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.
However, if you get any error while installing, then you may have to change the white-space settings.

How to use:
You can read and comment on Reddit using Readr.
You can add Readr to your Chrome.

You can stay in the Reddit without leaving the page.
You can view links and add comments using Readr.
You can view long comments easily.
You can read comments easily.
You can find a lot of interesting content on Reddit using Readr.
You can read and comment on Reddit at the same time.

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Can an ELB detect and report the health of individual EC2 instances?

I’m trying to get an ELB to report the health of the underlying instances on the ELB.


Answer courtesy of @markkrueger (who will not be pleased to know he answered eea19f52d2

Create stunning, dynamic drawings with ease!
Sean’s Magic Slate is a simple and intuitive drawing program for children of all ages. With Sean’s Magic Slate, kids can effortlessly create stunning, dynamic drawings!
Kids of all ages will love drawing with Sean’s Magic Slate. It provides a variety of drawing tools and features to help children draw.
Sean’s Magic Slate supports all major browsers, including IE9 and above, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. To help make your drawings as good as possible, Sean’s Magic Slate allows you to save the drawings in the pdf format. If you have the paper, you can print it.
Sean’s Magic Slate Features:
* Simple interface: A new user can easily start drawing with Sean’s Magic Slate.
* Easy to use: Just choose a shape, click where you want to draw it, and start drawing!
* Full-color brushes: Draw with brushes that have been fully loaded with color!
* Import and export: Import the drawings from other drawing programs such as WordArt. Export to PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF format.
* Mobile apps: There are over 50 drawing apps to choose from.
* Record your drawing: Record your drawing and share it on the web, Facebook and Twitter!
* Save your drawing: Sean’s Magic Slate allows you to save your drawings as PDF files. You can easily print your drawings.
* Change the size: Change the size of the drawing according to your need!
* Change the orientation: Flip and rotate your drawing.
* Multiple backgrounds: Select multiple backgrounds to change the background color of your drawing.
* Flip: Flip the drawing horizontally or vertically.
* Erase: Erase the selection and undo your last action.
* Selection tools: Create a selection box by pressing the “Select” button.
* All about Color:
* Palette: Choose between 16 colors on a light and a dark palette.
* Bold, italic, underline: Add the selected brush to the text for special effects.
* Horizontal and vertical lines: Add horizontal or vertical lines to your drawings.
* Shapes: Choose from a variety of different shapes!
* Freehand: Draw straight, without any guideline.
* Layers: Add a new layer to your drawing, to make different drawings on the same picture.
* Patterns: Choose from a variety of patterns and drawings.
* Save as: Sean’s Magic Slate enables you to save your drawings

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