✔️ On Toolbar or Tabs: Before starting typing keyboard macro, which will be able to be used through ctrl-shift-cmd-numpad9. By default, the display of CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK and SCROLL LOCK will be displayed on the toolbar.
✔️ On Toolbar or Tabs: When using it as a keyboard shortcut, the macro will be sent only when the LOCK keys are on.
✔️ In Toolbar: If using LOCK keys with the MOUSEKEY macro, it will be replaced with a Toggle Lock/Unlock keys.
✔️ In MOUSEKEY Macro: If the KEYMACRO is used with MOUSEKEY, it will also switch the lock status of CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK and SCROLL LOCK.
✔️ In Toolbar or MOUSEKEY Macro: If the KEYMACRO is used in Tabs, it will display only on the toolbar, not Tabs.
✔️ On Active Button, Keyboard Shortcut, MOUSEKEY Macro, or MOUSEKEY Macro Toggle: The LOCK keys are replaced with other key icons, meaning that you can add it to the icon and use it as a keyboard shortcut, MOUSEKEY macro or MOUSEKEY macro toggle.
✔️ On All Buttons: The LOCK keys are displayed on every button in the toolbars, which means that even the item groups are supported.
✔️ In MOUSEKEY Macro: If KEYMACRO is used in MOUSEKEY, the icon is changed to the LOCK key icon.
✔️ Tab Tabbing Order: If the Key State True Launch Bar plugin is used on Tabs, the display order will be based on the tab titles.
? NOTE: The Key State True Launch Bar plugin is compatible with all other plugins that use CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK keys.

1. Download the plugin and install it via C-Tab.
2. C-Tab “Key state true launch bar” to enable it on Toolbar or Tabs.
3. C-Tab “Key state true launch bar” to enable it on Toolbar or Tabs.
4. C-Tab “Key state true launch bar” to enable it on Toolbar or Tabs. 70238732e0

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A card management tool for creating, maintaining and managing your mail-merged cards.
Record Cards and Graphics:
Create multiple types of cards (text, barcodes, vignettes, backgrounds, etc.) and multiple types of graphics (banners, graphics for mailing, etc.). Insert images, your own artwork, or store and manage hundreds of cards from a single database.
Manage users and their permissions:
Design cards as groups. Create accounts and passwords, manage access to cards and graphics, make changes to each card, and perform backups. Create departments, user levels, and set passwords and access levels.
View your database:
Open and navigate records. View each record’s characteristics such as address, notes, credit/debit, authorized users, and purchase dates. Sort records by columns.
Quick search:
Search and sort records based on user types, names, card types, dates, etc.
Print your records:
Export cards for printing on any size printer.
PDF, TIFF, or WORD/MSWORD compatible graphics files are the only graphics accepted in cards. The most common formats are.tif,.jpg,.gif,.tiff and.png.
Detailed Card Preparation:
Cards can be created from three types: text, barcode, and vignette. Text can be added as general notes or as text that may be hyperlinked, typed or typed from a database. Click anywhere within a text line to add or edit text. For example, text can be added to the “Please fax or email copy to” field, or text to be hyperlinked to an online URL.
Barcodes can be added to the card as a hyperlinked code or to the back of a card. Vignettes can be added to the front, top, and bottom of a card.
Insert images:
Insert images directly from a file into the card. Images can be inserted as backgrounds, cover graphics, or mail graphics.
Fonts and graphics:
Load fonts from a file or the Mac®/Windows® Font Panel. Add images from the Mac or Windows® Graphics Panel.
Advanced Card Design:
Select from a number of advanced card design features:
Image zoom
Zoom in and out by mouse scroll wheel.
Zoom in and out of images.
Add, delete, edit and move text.
Highlight, delete, and move text.
Color, size,


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