Calendarscope is yet another organizer out there that promises to make users’ lives more productive. It can store all sorts of information without the need for an account, credentials, or other such elements. In fact, it offers all the benefits and perks of some online services out there without actually being too tied to the internet. This organizer allows for all sorts of entries to be added. Export the data in a physical or virtual format to have it on you at all times. Organize your life no matter what this application was not only designed to satisfy business or job needs. It can very well work at home or when organizing a workshop. It all boils down to your needs and wants. The app can be tailored to anybody’s wants. There are various item types to fill your plan with. Add an Alarm, Anniversary, Appointment, Birthday, Holiday, Internet, Meeting, Travel, or TV program entry. Depending on the type of routine you want to set up, this app can work with you full or part-time. Reminders can be readjusted easily with the help of drag and drop features. Create unique or repeated events The application wasn’t really thought out for single-time use. In fact, if you’ve established a daily routine, this app can be of help in reminding you of each of the things you plan on doing every step of the way. How? Create recurring events in order for the app to be able to remind you of what you need to do. It’s quite difficult not to become hooked up on such apps. Export your created plans in HTML format if you want to post these on a website, synchronize them with any PalmOS device or simply print them in physical format. If we’re to add the customizable fonts, colors, and chimes, the package seems to be as complete as possible. Calendarscope is an interesting application for individuals who are attempting to better organize their lives. It boils down to the level of accessibility which in fact, in this particular situation, can only be surpassed by the portable variant of the same app. iOS iOS iPhone android Go to Google Play More Like This 1,950,405 How Do I Install Calendarscope on iPhone Review 5 Business – Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly – By Product Product Reviews 2,124,803 How to Cancel Calendarcope on iPhone Review 5 Business – Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly – By Product Product Reviews 67,739 How Do I Install Calendarscope on iPhone Review 5 Business eea19f52d2

Podmailing is the ultimate supersize e-mail attachment software; this freeware application enables you to easily send files of any size with your existing email account, without clogging your inbox.
You can use Podmailing to: 
– send your full quality home videos to your family, 
– receive the entire high-quality photo collection of your best friend’s wedding, 
– share powerpoints, PDFs and other heavy pro documents, 
– and share torrents, folders and full CD and DVD images easily
Podmailing Features:
– Send unlimited files to any number of recipients, with or without attachments.
– Send files without having to make multiple trips to your email program.
– Ease of use – just paste your attachment or folder into Podmailing and send.
– You can also send large files using FTP, SSH, or SFTP.
– View and manage attachments from any folder.
– Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive and many other cloud storage accounts are supported.
– Quick and easy installation.
– Drag and drop to copy and move attachments.
– Option to auto open attachments in a browser window.
– Option to hide attachments.
– No ads or popups.
– iOS/Android/Windows/Mac compatibility.
– Special Windows versions compatible with all Windows versions.
– FREE forever, for life
For any help with Podmailing, or to report any bugs, please email us at: 
podmailing @

PowerDNS is a free DNS server that supports nearly all of the features found in commercial enterprise DNS servers. It’s open source software under the Apache License 2.0.

The core of PowerDNS is written in C, and includes features such as: 
* simple API
* fully backwards compatible
* zero resource consumption at boot
* zero configuration management
* full view of all resolv.conf changes
* safe access from multiple namespaces
* integration with zone-transfer/forwarder servers
* UDP/TCP/UDP/TCP splitdns, and split-view configuration
* forwarders/mirrors/quorums/failover
* DNS amplification
* many other features
For more details, see the project’s website:

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