However, the program is at its best when we consider its user-friendly interface, great functionality, and comprehensive system essentials. If you are searching for simple scanning solution for your system, then this is it.Q:

Simple Showcase List not working, not showing selected item in mini-carousel

I want to make a listing with carousel, in this example: jsfiddle
I tried several things, but it’s not working. Basically, I set the first 99d5d0dfd0

Some users may enjoy this kind of functionality as it is not yet widely included within the plethora of applications that are available on the App Store.

Emit is a utility application that connects a mobile phone to a computer’s Wi-Fi network and allows the user to share media files between the two. This application acts in a similar way to Apple AirPlay, except the traffic transmitted is not through an intermediary device (a server or NAS) but directly between the source and destination.

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