– All known registered keys have been added to the Key Macro Dictionary in order to facilitate
the reading of MAC keys in well-formatted output. A MAC key is typically a 16- or 32-digit
encoded value. In any case, the value must be preceded by a ‘+’ character and followed by a
‘=’ character.
– Support for DSN and SID authentication types with possible use of a DSNSID mapping table
has been added. Both authentication types are now recognized by the Key Macro
– Three additional Key Macro dictionaries have been added: MD5, SHA1 and Hash. They are
identical to the ‘MD5KeyMacro’, ‘SHA1KeyMacro’ and ‘HashKeyMacro’ dictionaries except
that they provide MD5, SHA1 and Hash authentication types respectively.
– Support for use of a key format database has been added. The keywords “Key Macros
dbfile” or “dbfile” and the filename parameter may be used to specify a database file to
read the key macro dictionary(s) from. The Key Macro Dictionary(s) must then be specified
with the full path or filename, as in “Key Macro Dictionary1.db” or “Key Macro
– The “Key Macros dbfile” and “dbfile” keywords can now be used in conjunction with the
“dnstype” and “sidtype” parameters to specify the type of authentication to be used with
a given DSN name/SID (the default is “AUTH=DSA”). The “dnstype” parameter also accepts
the following authentication types: AuthType, AuthType_8, AuthType_16, AuthType_32,
AuthType_40, AuthType_64 and AuthType_128.
– The new “Hash Type” parameter allows the definition of the MAC hash type to be
specified when using a hash keymacro, hashname or hashmacro, and hashname parameters.
– The new “xor” parameter can be used with the “hashmacro” and “hashname” parameters to
specify the xor algorithm that must be used when using a hash keymacro, hashname or
hashmacro, and hashname parameters. The default is A-E and 1-6, respectively.
– A new “showkeymacros” and “showkeymac 70238732e0

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Includes macros that change the highlighting style for certain words in the selected document.
This template is a floating snippet, which means that you can edit and add macros to this section. Click on the floating snippet icon to create a new floating snippet. When you are done, please save your macros with a name and press OK to add it to the floating snippet. You can remove macros from the floating snippet by double-clicking on it.

Add App for Quickly Access a Favorites Folder by Windows

Now we will introduce you to an awesome tool – Quick Links. This tool can help you easily access your favorite folders on your computer. Quick Links will automatically detect and organize the most commonly-used folders and place them into your Quick Links interface.

How to Add App for Quickly Access a Favorites Folder by Windows

2. At last, you can see a list of icons, each of them corresponds to a folder. If you want to see the files in a folder just click the folder icon.

3. Click ‘Add Folder’ button. This will add a new icon into the folder.

Part II. Additional Tools for Computer Maintenance

1. Performance Optimizer
This utility tool monitors your computer and find out the related performance problems. It can optimize your Windows, fix registry errors, increase your system speed. It also provides you to install and manage real time program that it check your PC performance, optimize your PC memory and HDD and helps to speed up your PC and improve your productivity.

2. System Recovery
We understand that accidental deleting of important files from your computer and want to find them to have an easy task. With System Recovery, you can find files that you accidentally deleted in a few simple steps. It does not only search files that were deleted, but also allows you to find files that are deleted with date and time, and also allows you to find deleted files that have been overwritten by other data. System Recovery allows you to recover deleted files that were deleted by a simple right click on the files.

We also provide a program – File Recovery, which allows you to recover deleted files with the following simple steps:
1.Run the File Recovery and click “Recover”
2. Choose the folder you want to recover
3. Click “Recover” and it will take a while

3. MBAM – Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware
After scanning your computer with MBAM, you can know whether your computer


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