Ramp effects: ramping the y and x positions of the text and background.
Two and Three: setting the preferred direction, the automatic vertical or horizontal spacing of the text, and the width of the border.
Print: in relation to the paper size.
Text + Ink + Stroke: in relation to the paper size.
Extension: in relation to the paper size.
Clip Edges: choose if you want to clip the text edges.
Ink Width: set the width of the ink in points.
All Kerning: set the kerning of all glyphs.
Side-kern: set the kerning of the side of the glyphs.
Offset: set the spacing before or after the glyphs.
Align (it’s a bit outdated): select the alignment.
Shadow: apply a shadow on the text.
Symbols: choose the type of symbols.
The program offers a simple, friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Its working methods are outlined on top of the screen, with arrows that facilitate your work and make it easier to understand, navigate, and modify your settings.
You can:
– Open a new project.
– Open an existing project.
– Select a font from the Windows Fonts library.
– Import a font family from an existing font, as well as the fonts that are part of the Windows Fonts.
– Export a font as.ttf.
– Save a project to file for further editing.
– Generate a preview.
– Share projects on social media.
– Import backgrounds, bitmap fonts, EPS, metrics, and Mac font files.
– Export backgrounds, EPS or metrics, and save the project to file for further modification.
– Generate the required metadata for the.ttf font files.
– Convert the.ttf to.otf and.woff fonts.
– Preview the font for Windows 10.
– Import fonts that are part of the Windows Fonts.
– Edit the list of fonts.
– Use the Clippy tool to get instant feedback on your work.
– Use hotkeys to improve your work in the project.
– Use the Guided Alignment tool to align your text and the artwork.
– Use the Type Tool to edit the fonts and create the text.
– Use the Clone Tool to make corrections and connections.
– Use the Paint Tool to mark the shape 70238732e0

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