● The HEIF image is a file format that stores photographs using both JPEG and HEIF compression schemes.

● It’s a newer file format and has been designed to support the newer iPhone and iPad.

Tenorshare HEIC Converter Features:

● It is a powerful and powerful tool to convert HEIF and HEIC to PNG, JPG and TIFF images.

● It supports converting HEIC, HEIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

● It allows users to convert HEIF and HEIC images to other image formats.

Tenorshare HEIC Converter Requirements:

● For Mac users, Tenorshare HEIC Converter is a free download.

● For Windows users, it is available for free only on the Windows Store.


● It does not support ETS2, ETC2 and Exif 2.4 format.

● It doesn’t support B4W2 (Binary Format for Windows 2) file format.


If you are one of those who wants to use JPG or PNG formats exclusively, I believe that Tenorshare HEIC Converter will be a valuable tool for you. The conversion process is quick and simple, and the user interface is well-designed. To be honest, I wish that Tenorshare had supported more output formats. But for a free and simple application, Tenorshare HEIC Converter is worth its price tag.Q:

Web API – Stateless way of debugging using ASP.NET

I want to create a simple web API application that can expose the following function:
public Customer Get(string id)

It’s simple enough, and I’m using Entity Framework in my code. I was wondering what the best way to debug this application would be. I’m assuming it has something to do with the new ASP.NET environment, since most of the solutions are related to ASP.NET MVC.
Here are my thoughts:

I could create a web service that would only allow public access to this function. This isn’t ideal because I don’t want to expose the function unless it’s needed.
I could create a super simple API application that would be free of Entity Framework. This could be nice for development, but it still feels like a step back.
I could create a web API controller that would forward calls to my EF code. This would be ideal since it would eea19f52d2


View screenshots of your Desktop, Programs, Printers, and more. Click and drag to re-size, re-position, and save. Print, email, FTP, and more! Make sure you never lose a document or show off your new app again!
– Easy to use drag and drop.
– Saves snapshots of each monitor.
– Print, email, or FTP for convenient sharing.
– Works with any application with a window.
– Natively supports most programs and printers.
– Quickly save each screenshot to disk.
– Works with any application with a window.
– Advanced tooling to blur, crop, re-size, draw text, and annotate.
– Supports all modern browsers and operating systems.
– Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

PowerGat Live Screen Recorder is a screen capture software that allows you to capture your entire computer screen activity in an image, and print it directly to paper as a black-and-white photo, a gradient picture or a color picture, a panoramic picture, a zoom picture. It also allows you to record the activities of all the windows on your computer, as well as webcam and mic. This is a lightweight, small, fast and powerful screen capture and screen recording software with a great user interface.

Free Screen Recorder is a professional tool to capture video and screen activity in the way you want. There are many feature in Free Screen Recorder such as record video, capture screen, capture screen area, capture remote screen, capture screen, audio screen, capture full screen, capture full screen area, record audio, record webcam, capture picture, capture picture area and many more.

RecordDesk is a utility to automate web site recording. To record a web site you need to specify the page you want to record in a record desk configuration file. To enable a web site to be recorded you need to specify in the configuration file the web site host, the port to which the server is listening, and the length of time you want to capture (from one day to one week). To start the record you can simply click on the start button, and the website will be recorded continuously.

Screen recording software can be very helpful when you want to show someone exactly what you see on your computer. With Screen recording software, you can make a recording of what you see and play it back later, or print a picture of what you see on your computer screen. Use Screen


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