Excel To Html.NET Converter is a small-sized programming component that can be integrated into software projects by developers looking to add conversion functionality. It enables end users to transform Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into HTML files, ready for web publishing.
The tool offers support for C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. Apart from the core files (two lightweight DLL and XML files), the downloaded package includes a demo, along with samples created for each of the three programming languages.
The demo is wrapped in a simple interface, adopting a standard.NET Framework form and without adding other graphical elements. It focuses solely on functionality and invites users to indicate the Excel files they want to convert, as long as they have the.xls,.xlsx or.csv format. Plain text documents are supported as well.
Batch processing isn’t featured, so users are restricted to converting only one file at a time. Its contents can be previewed in the main window, while cells can be edited before proceeding with the conversion operation. Exporting the file to HTML format is done by indicating the destination directory and file name. The new file is automatically opened in the default web browser on task completion, in order to evaluate results and make sure that everything worked properly.
The developer aims to preserve the original format of the spreadsheets. Excel To Html.NET Converter doesn’t depend on Microsoft Office products or third-party libraries.
Excel To Html.NET Converter Features:
– C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET support
– Supports Microsoft Excel files in the.xls,.xlsx or.csv file format
– Ability to preview Excel file contents
– Ability to save HTML files
– Ability to specify the HTML file directory and file name
– Ability to batch-convert Excel files
– Supports plain text documents
– Ability to convert Excel file, tables, charts, formulas and data to HTML
– Ability to use new web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox)
– Ability to change the text and font colors
– Ability to change the header and footer
– Ability to set the Excel file font type
– Ability to set the Web site address
– Ability to set the Excel file style
– Ability to set the Excel file cell border and cell background color
– Ability to set the Excel file cell margin and cell padding
– Ability to change the Excel file header and footer
– Ability to set the Excel file eea19f52d2


Hey Friends,
I am very happy to share Moving Trains Theme with you. The Moving Trains Theme is an excellent theme for a train lover. This is a free theme for Windows 7.

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You will be provided with a.Themepack for all the 10 Wallpapers along with the.Skin and.Wallpaper for each and every wallpaper.

Its installation is easy, you can either manually extract all the contents from the.zip file or you can directly download it.

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