KEYMACRO is a easy-to-use software tool which helps you to edit, compile, test, debug and clean your script or macro code.
KEYMACRO currently supports the following languages:

I tried to compile it in Windows 7 and it worked well, but I tried to install it in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it has some bugs.
It’s very strange that when you try to compile in Ubuntu 14.04, you should always have the error:

The package is missing, but the file /usr/local/games/vim.scm exists.

After you install the package, it doesn’t work, but if you rename the Vim file to vim.scm, the program will work.
The most serious bugs for me:

When you try to install it, the installation of other parts of Vim is failed.

This bug makes the program’s package unusable, so I think it should be removed.

The.vimrc file in the main folder’s vim.scm file is not compiled, so you can’t see the effect of using it.

I used to work with this program in Windows 7, which is great, but now, if you want to use it, it’s painful.

VIM and Vim-addon can be installed through Ubuntu software center, but the function “code folding” doesn’t work.


OK, after some tries, I got it working. I hope it helps you.
This is the first time I write a review, so let me explain this first:
What is this application and why do we need it?
Some years ago I found an application on the web that I really liked. It was Vim7 and you could compile it and work with it just like in Vim, except that you could do other things. One of those things was to fold the lines of code in the editor, making it possible to have multiple views of the same code, including some of the “hidden” code. That was very useful when you were learning about coding.
It was a script, written in PHP, and the code had to be compiled first.
The problem was that I was using Windows at that time, and the script didn’t work properly on my computer. So I began to search for a Vim-like application for Linux, and there wasn’t any. 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a macro software for Windows OS. It is a tool for recording mouse and keyboard actions and can be used for automating the workflow of Windows applications. There are various applications for Windows that can be programmed by KEYMACRO. It is designed for programmers and IT support people who work with keyboard and mouse frequently. Keymacro for MAC is now available.
Keymacro for MAC is only a single program that can be used for recording mouse and keyboard actions. It provides a simple interface to record keystrokes or mouse events. Buttons for trigger, pause, replay and stop can be assigned to any application. It allows you to record keyboard or mouse events, and create a record file. Any mouse event you perform is shown by indicators on the taskbar. You can add up to 100 records into the archive, and it can be exported as a WMV, MP4 or HTML file.
Keymacro supports various OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and more. Users can select the application to be recorded by right clicking on the mouse or keyboard. Triggering records from mouse and keyboard is very easy. Keymacro for MAC is a macro software which can be used for automating the workflow of Mac OS applications. It can record, play, reverse and add keystrokes and mouse events.
Keymacro for MAC allows users to create macro for Mac OS. With various functions, it can record, play, reverse and add keystrokes and mouse events, and export the record to MP4, HTML or WMV files. Keymacro for MAC is an easy to use macro tool. You can create any record for Windows application.
– Support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Server 2003/2008/2012/2016
– Support any application that can be opened in.exe file
– It supports automation of all actions, even if the application has no access of automation
– Support recording mouse and keyboard actions
– Support Multiple Triggers
– Support time limit
– Support Pause/Resume
– Support snapshot
– Support Rewind, Reverse and Add Keystroke
– Support play from end and play to end
– Support backup
– Support File export in.html,.wmv,.mp4 and.exe formats
– Support Drag&Drop to trigger records
– Support Export to HTML and Zip files
– Support Export in excel

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