✔ (✔) Pins your creation to create an image-based graphic – Canvas, in an easy and intuitive way.
✔ (✔) Sketch/draw your design on the screen, using a stylus or finger to choose shapes, line, and colors.
✔ (✔) Drag and drop to arrange the elements.
✔ (✔) Press CTRL + R to fill the background with a color.
✔ (✔) Invert the background with the “Color invert” icon.
✔ (✔) Turn text into the color of your background.
✔ (✔) Add comments to illustrate your design.
✔ (✔) Convert your project to a PNG or JPEG.
✔ (✔) Add media from your gallery.
✔ (✔) Crop your image using a selection tool.
✔ (✔) Add a logo or vector symbol to your image.
✔ (✔) Transform a node.
✔ (✔) Combine your graphic with other files.
✔ (✔) Zoom in and out.
✔ (✔) Export your project as an SVG file.
✔ (✔) Share your graphic on social networks.
✔ (✔) Send it to email or a printer.
✔ (✔) Adjust the font size, font color, or background color.
✔ (✔) Create an original vector graphic.
✔ (✔) Optimize the canvas with the slider at the top.
✔ (✔) Change the status of your canvas.
✔ (✔) Add a grid to your design.
✔ (✔) Add a gradient to your canvas.
✔ (✔) Draw a shape in the canvas.
✔ (✔) Add the stroke and fill to your shape.
✔ (✔) Add a stencil.
✔ (✔) Cut and paste shapes and lines.
✔ (✔) Add a background color to your image.
✔ (✔) Flip the canvas.
✔ (✔) Create a new document.
✔ (✔) Change the orientation of your canvas.
✔ (✔) Zoom in and out.
✔ (✔) Share your file.
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