Subcommander is a stand alone GUI client for the Subversion version control system. Give Subcommander a try to see what it’s all about!
The quick tour:
To get a basic overview of the functionality just start Subcommander. When the application starts it will ask you a few questions and then launch the Subversion client. The application will then immediately display the current directory. You can now choose to do one of three actions:
1. Open a file in Subcommander
2. Check out the current directory
3. Check out a file from the repository
Using Subcommander will be very easy to do. You’ll have a good overview of the functionality of the Subversion client. You can simply choose to do one of these three things every time you start the Subcommander client. It will ask you for some information and then it will launch the appropriate Subversion client.
When you launch Subcommander it will display the “Welcome” page which will explain the application. You can choose to close the program by selecting the red button in the upper left corner of the program. Once you close the program it will display a “Exit” dialog. You can then choose to close the program.
Subcommander Features
Subcommander Features:
1. Fast
– Subcommander is extremely fast. It’s close to the performance of the command line version of Subversion.
2. Extensible
– Subcommander is very extensible. You can add your own commands to the program. Subcommander can also run in a stand alone mode (without a GUI) which allows you to easily use Subcommander for command line use.
3. Easy to use
– Subcommander is very easy to use.
4. Comprehensive
– Subcommander is a powerful client. You can do almost everything that the Subversion command line can do.
5. High quality
– Subcommander is a high quality, highly polished client.
6. Easy to extend
– Subcommander is very easy to extend.
7. For the World
– Subcommander can run in stand alone mode on Windows.
8. Free
– Subcommander is free.
9. Simple to install
– Subcommander is very simple to install.
10. Small
– Subcommander is very small.
What’s in Subcommander?
What’s in Subcommander?
1. Subcommander is written in eea19f52d2

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