The Kmenu_EditKeys utility enables you to define key sequences for the Kmenu. Just select the actions you want to assign to these key

powerISO 3.0 is a powerful and easy-to-use application for making and editing images.
PowerISO has a very simple and intuitive interface, which is very easy to use even for a beginner user. There is no need to install any drivers. You can load images from your digital camera directly and manage them without any problem.

Highlights: – Select or burn any folder on your computer – Convert batch of any files into multi-media container with different formats. – Convert batch of files into single images with different effects. – Burn single files to CD/DVD with customized image name and burn speed. – Edit image quality, image size, and image format to burn them to CD/DVD. – Add

DragonairOffice 2010 is a powerful and user-friendly office suite that simplifies the task of running Microsoft Office documents and can also be used as an alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs. The suite offers users the ability to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the fly.

This is a virtual clone of Adobe Illustrator CS5. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing program developed by Adobe Systems. It is a flagship product among a family of vector graphics tools developed by Adobe Systems.
Adobe Illustrator provides both artistic and technical tools for creating, modifying, and printing of vector graphics. It is used for creating logos, illustrations,

Advanced Error Reporting is an application that reports problems as they arise.
It is an application that automatically detects problems and then attempts to fix them, if possible.
Advanced Error Reporting can report problems and errors, including those that have occurred during the past, present, or future running of programs, Windows startup and shutdown, and

Social Notes is a basic note-taking application designed to be simple to use and powerful enough for a normal user. Social Notes doesn’t require any Adobe Flash Player, it doesn’t have any dialogs or buttons, it is very fast, and it is built on the Web.
Social Notes is based on the idea of a web application. You don’t have to install any software on your computer to use Social Notes. You can save all your notes in a

Floppy Doc is a program that allows you to view and edit text files.
Floppy Doc lets you view and modify text files that have the extension “. 84e02134c1

WebCruiser – Web Vulnerability Scanner Personal Free
Daily Manna
Starck Clock
NiceLabel Express
JSCAPE Reverse Proxy
Portable Eusing Free MP3 Cutter
MAGIX Music Manager 2007
Smart Updater
FlixGrab Music
Pen Oasis
Free Picture Resize Starter

KeyMacro is a program designed to simplify the management of keys. The program allows you to create a template for the users, save it, export it, and import it into the program to view and edit. You can also specify the number of keys, the usage rights, the number of access keys, and the maximum number of people who can use a specific key.
This software also features a handy setting module to define the number of hours for key creation. Plus, you can export key files and view the access rights.
The program comes with numerous other useful features such as the export of a security code, the possibility to specify the number of users who can use a specific key, import of key files, and the addition of access rights.
Moreover, the program can also save templates to your desktop or download them from a remote URL, reset to zero the number of users, the number of access keys, and specify the key use policy.
You can also specify the password length, specify the delimiter used, and choose the algorithm of encryption.
KEYMACRO gives users the chance to encrypt files and folders, to log and display sensitive information, to download key files from a remote URL, and to specify the number of access keys.
Finally, the application allows users to import, export, reset, and customize templates.

sWuDuo Description:
sWuDuo is a freeware designed to make your life easier. It allows you to set a schedule, obtain information about your favorite programs, as well as shut down your computer automatically at a specific time.
You can set an alarm, use a time sheet, receive an email when your computer shuts down, turn it on manually, and monitor your programs all from a single point.
This is a neat application for those users who are always running late. They can also track their computer activity, view the details about the running processes, and stop them.
In addition, you can log the current time, the computer’s CPU temperature, the total process time, and the number of open windows.
Furthermore, you can also access your account details, and shutdown your computer automatically if you forget to turn it off. Plus, you can also turn it off when the battery level is low.
Other important features include access to the application settings, the display of system logs, the shutdown of processes, the shutdown of your computer, and the start of a selected application.
You can even create, edit, copy

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