KeyMacro is an Exchange Server 2007 plug-in to manage SSL certificates, KeyAliases and Certificates on Active Directory. KeyMacro can be integrated with any mail clients, including,, and all email clients.
KeyMacro allows you to import SSL certificates, key aliases and Certificates from a text file into Exchange Server 2007 easily.
Integrates well with,,, Outlook Express
Integrates easily with Exchange Server 2007
Features a Password protected option
Can perform Key Exchange with an external CA
Allows you to customize the certificate and key aliases for any configuration
Advanced settings like expiry date, validity, etc.
Easy to install, use and configure
If you don’t want to integrate KeyMacro to Exchange you can also export an xml file that contains your configurations
For more info, please visit the link below:

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You may have read about the OpenSSL patch that is being discussed to fix the Heartbleed vulnerability. (Read about it here.) I am going to discuss a few other items related to this.

Some of the things you may be wondering about are, what does OpenSSL have to do with Exchange? And what are the implications of this patch? Let’s get started!

What does OpenSSL have to do with Exchange?
As the name states, OpenSSL is an open source project, but its origins go back to a commercial encryption company named Netscape. (Yep, they sold their souls to evil corporations in the past and were willing to do it again. Nothing new!) Back in the day, if you wanted to get TLS/SSL support in your browser, you had to go through Netscape. They would be your certificate authority, so they would check to see if you had a valid certificate for your site. If you did, then they would install a root cert in the browser. Once you signed on, all your traffic would be encrypted, with you having a nice padlock on top of the browser. Before the advent of the browser, you had to do all of this on your own. And, OpenSSL has a lot of history to its name, since it d82f892c90

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• Portable and light-weight. The SDK is a single assembly reference that can be deployed with your application. It does not require any third party DLLs or any runtime environments.
• Multi-platform. The SDK is cross-platform and supports any supported Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS versions. The SDK can be deployed on Microsoft Windows, Linux or MacOS systems.
• Future-proof. The SDK is optimized to maximize the performance in future releases without impacting the current version.
• Powerful. The SDK is packed with all the necessary functionality that is required to perform most PDF operations including: digital signature, digital permission, digital forms processing, CSS 2.0 and XMP parsing, CID and object management, bookmarks, OCR, XREF, form processing, form rendering, text extraction, annotations, DICT, PDF/A, PDF/X, compression, encryption, decryption, PDF encoding, re-encoding, PDF embedding, printing and converting to other file formats.
• Easy to use. The SDK is written in C# and it can be used to develop and create applications to perform all the PDF operations in both Windows and Mac OS environments.
• Document management. The SDK contains a module called PDFDocManager that allows you to import, export, modify, and delete PDF documents.
• Automatic generation of XREF and XSUBSET. XREF is a key component that allows you to view and search for specific locations within a PDF document. XSUBSET is a key component that allows you to create, edit, and search for a subset of a PDF document’s pages.
• Generates robust and optimized PDF documents. PDF documents created by the SDK are optimized and robust, containing PDF objects that can be displayed and search for specific locations within the document.
• Responsive. PDF documents created by the SDK are viewable on all supported Windows platforms including desktops and mobile devices.
• PDF library with the highest level of documentation. The SDK offers excellent documentation that includes: detailed API reference; a user manual; the SDK’s source code; and a sample application.

GeminiPDF PDF SDK is a state-of-the-art PDF/A creation and conversion tool for developing PDF creation and rendering solutions. It includes a fully featured library, command line utility and a powerful GUI application. The SDK enables end-users to create PDF documents from scratch or convert existing PDF documents. It can even convert Microsoft Word documents into PDF documents in

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