KEYMACRO is a portable keystroke recorder and recorder software which records all your keystrokes and then play them back as they were typed.
KEYMACRO is designed to assist people who cannot remember the codes for their encryption programs. It can also be used by companies to record customers’ information, remotely control computers with Microsoft Remote Desktop, and for any other purposes.
KEYMACRO does not store your private information. It simply records your keystrokes and then plays them back at your convenience.
KEYMACRO captures a screen area of any size, allowing you to specify how large your keystroke history should be.
Save all your passwords and other information at any time you want.
KEYMACRO comes with a number of security features to ensure privacy.
KEYMACRO is very easy to use, just copy/paste or drag and drop the keystroke recording function to your desktop.
KEYMACRO can record Microsoft Windows and Linux (Tunix) Keystrokes.
KEYMACRO is an external software and not a part of the operating system.
It does not cause any changes to any computer configuration, and it will not take any space or data from your computer.
KEYMACRO saves your keystrokes to a file with the extension as you selected.
Keystroke can be played back and edited with multiple language support.
KEYMACRO does not collect any information about the computer.
Please install the component KEYMACRO before you use it. You may also refer to the manual in the installation folder for more information.
Additional functions:
– Record all the keystrokes on your keyboard.
– Captures screen of any size.
– Captures keystrokes from your mouse.
– Captures keystrokes from your USB.
– Captures keystrokes from your serial port.
– Captures keystrokes from web browsers and your web browser history.
– Supports multiple languages.
– Support to search for the keys you want to record.
– Support to play back the keystrokes you recorded.
– Support to edit the keystrokes you recorded.
– Record mouse clicking.
– Record clipboard.
– Auto-detect the languages and alphabet types.
– Keyboard layout support.
– Code mode support.
– CAPS LOCK on and off.
– CAPS LOCK on (default).
– Insert mode and command mode.
– Context menu.
– Right click menu. 70238732e0

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My version (3.0) is ready to go, and I’ve already finished adding English language support.
There is a month of bug fixes that should be included, and two more languages are currently under development.
My development costs are not trivial. If you want to support me, please consider buying the source code, or donating your money to my Kickstarter project. (or my other project,
JACK Description:
1) Currently, all the work is in the FixMyNumbers library. I believe it will be more than easy to get it running in another language.
2) Currently, FixMyNumbers can only be used to retrieve data from Excel files.
3) This version will only support Excel files
4) I won’t even support any more than a single worksheet
5) It has some really bad Windows performance issues.
6) Currently, I do not support any macros
As an extra note, I’ve always been poor with math and it is a tremendous amount of work to figure out exactly how I’m doing things.
So, I can be slow to fix a problem, or slower to give an answer to a question, as it takes a long time to check through all the calculations. I am improving my Math skills as fast as I can, but I can’t really know when I am completely done.
If you have an interest in this, I may be able to write a tutorial on how to use the app, and/or include the code for it.
If you don’t, no sweat, I can be slow to fix a problem, or slower to give an answer to a question, as it takes a long time to check through all the calculations.
I want to give a big thanks to the following people:
1) mikev1074, who taught me all about this kind of stuff by asking me questions.
2) Wally, who wrote about 500 lines of code to get FixMyNumbers running.
3) Buying the source code, or donating your money to my Kickstarter, is the best way to support my development, so here’s where you go to do it. (
4) This is only a beta version, but I will update it as fast as I can, in response to feedback.
5) I know

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