Flying Ball-7 is a free screen saver project, Flying Ball-7. Project is a 3D screen saver that will show a moving colored balls. You can change background color, adjust their transparency and change their speed. Flying Ball-7 can be used for Desktop and PC screens, for example, in business and recreation.
This screen saver have a memory option, it will keep balls in their position until next restart. You can save your balls and view them on startup. When you change desktop color, you will be asked to save it. It will be saved to your specified folder.
Flying Ball-7 Features:

.- Requires no installation.

.- The screen saver will show your desktop background.

.- You can choose the number of balls, the color of background, and transparency.

.- You can save your balls and view them on startup.

.- You can change the desktop background and ask the screen saver to save it.

.- You can change the desktop background and ask the screen saver to save it.

.- It can run on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

.- Flying Ball 7 has been tested on:

.- Windows 2000

.- Windows XP

.- Windows 7

.- Windows 8

.- Windows 8.1

.- Windows 10

.- Windows 10 IoT Core

.- Windows 10 Mobile

.- Windows 10 Mobile

Flying Ball 7 will work on other platforms where the screen saver is able to run on your PC.

Flying Ball-7 Specifications:

.- requires no installation.

.- Size – size: 150,900,300 bytes.

.- Operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

.- required application – no installation.

.- MSRPC (Multiprocessing Socket Remote Procedure Call) – require an MSRPC client.

.- the MSRPC client is used to create the sockets necessary to execute remote procedure calls. The protocols allow process to invoke functions on another process and return values back to the caller. The MSRPC was developed by Microsoft and in addition to the remote procedure call protocols it also provides a generic transfer queue and socket.

Supported OS:

Windows 10 IoT Core.

Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 7.

Windows 8.

Windows eea19f52d2

1. Advanced IRC client supporting multi-threaded connections and 20 IRC networks.
2. Supports “auto-join” mode, where you will be logged into all supported networks automatically after connection.
3. Integrated clipboard, in which you can copy, search for text, paste from internet and paste from your clipboard.
4. Integrated “web browser” in which you can view logs of your chat sessions and have direct access to websites.
5. Supports many IRC network protocols, including Freenode, Efnet, Omegle, Chia, Irdi and others.
6. Supports DCC file transfers between different IRC clients.
7. Supports DCC send and receive.
8. Integrated IRC logs and can be viewed from any other IRC client.
9. Supports UTF-8 encoding and emoticons.
10. Supports advanced web browser capabilities.
11. Supports coloring emoticons and text.
12. Automatic channel join (auto-join) mode.
13. Quick-change fonts.
14. Advanced spell checking (e.g. automatic correction of misspellings).
15. Ability to easily make and send private messages.
16. Automatic file rename (AFR).
17. Dynamic ping time and ping delay.
18. Ability to define your online status.
19. Ability to set client “mood”.
20. Automatic nick change.
21. Supports automatic nick change when you’ve previously connected to another server.
22. Supports multi-threaded DCC connections (up to 15 DCC connections)
23. Works as a service on Windows.

ThrashIRC Setup:
1. Extract the downloaded archive to the desired location
2. Start thrashirc.bat.

Installation notes:
* Running “thrashirc.bat” as an executable file would require a user to double-click it. To avoid this, use the “Run as administrator” option from the context menu of the program’s executable file.
* When using the executable file, please select the target directory and the network you want to use.
* You can download ThrashIRC for free. The trial version is limited to 30 days. If you like it, you may buy the license for $19.95.

ThrashIRC setup Wizard:
1. Make sure that ThrashIRC is not running in the system tray.
2. Right-click the shortcut of ThrashIRC

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