Keyboard Macro is a keyboard recording application. It allows you to record your Keyboard input and save it as a.wav file or a.wav/AAC file depending on the recording resolution.Keyboard Macro can record and save to.wav/.wav/AAC/MP3/MIDI files.
Download Macros can be turned on or off by default. If you would rather not use a default keystroke recording, you can change it to on or off by yourself.
Record specific times.Macros can be divided into two parts; a beginning and end. The macros can start when the clock starts and end when the clock stops. You can add a time between the beginning and the end of the macros.Macro can be used to record from the mouse, keyboard, joystick, video game pad or MP3 or CD input. You can choose to have only one Macro at a time.
Simplified interfaceMacro has a simple user interface and a few options. You can open a button to open the Macro Window and then double click the button to start or stop the recording. You can click on the button to start the recording and use the scroll bar to control the length of the Macro.
Auto turn the clock off automatically.Option menu is on the top of the Macro window.
Sound file saving locationMacro saves the recorded sound to the default audio folder. You can choose the default audio folder by double clicking the audio folder icon on the main window.
Enable notification for the recorded sound.You can view the recording time and the volume level of the recorded sound.

FileMaker Fusion 6.6.3 Full Version Info
FileMaker Fusion allows database developers to quickly create, develop and deploy databases. You can create a database for your company, organization, government, non-profit or personal use. Get great database features without the hefty price tag.
FileMaker Fusion is powerful and simple to use. Key features include rich client, multi-server, form control, query builder, report builder, connector, query router, file manager, script editor, developer package and mobile app. These all add up to enable developers to create and deploy databases quickly.
DRAG-AND-DROP Interface for Database Design
The FileMaker client window acts as your database designer. Drag and drop tables, views, fields, queries, reports, and form fields to build your database. Use a blank form to build a database that can then be exported to SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a free, open source program that provides the ability to install one or more internet key authentication systems for use with any of Microsoft’s Internet software packages.
By combining MAC security, a unique window identifer, digital certificates and the Kerberos protocol, it ensures that a user is really the person he or she claims to be.
KEYMACRO allows the user to selectively encrypt their entire Internet connection, or just the selected portions of it.
KEYMACRO also allows the user to selectively filter the information that they want to receive.
KEYMACRO is particularly useful when combined with other security products. It can be used in conjunction with most internet security products, including firewalls, email clients, web servers, etc.
The best known use for KEYMACRO is with Microsoft Internet Explorer. With KEYMACRO enabled, Internet Explorer allows the user to selectively log and control the internet activity of the user.
KEYMACRO is also known as Microsoft Proxy Authentication Service.
■ Web activity and internet downloads.
■ Web activity – Web sites visited, documents downloaded, files accessed, and more.
■ Email – messages sent and received.
■ Networks – the activities that occur in your LAN.
■ Terminal Sessions – the activities that occur in your Remote Desktop sessions.
■ User / Process Activities – important system and user activity.
How to get KEYMACRO:
KEYMACRO is available on the Internet. To get KEYMACRO go to
General Usage:
KEYMACRO is a useful and important tool for the corporate network administrator. It allows the administrator to selectively encrypt their Internet connection, monitor their users, and block offensive content.
KEYMACRO also provides a proxy service that allows the administrator to manage their network traffic.
The administrator can use this service to restrict the internet activity of the user and to control their access to the internet. The administrator can also monitor key events such as visits to websites, downloads of files, or visits to specific sites.
KEYMACRO can also be used with Terminal Services. An administrator could use it to restrict access to specific websites or to track system activity.
With KEYMACRO Internet Explorer can be used to control web access. A company could use it to limit web access for employees to only those web sites that are deemed safe.
The administrator could use KEYMACRO to set upаёа№‰аёаё‡а№аёќ-аёаё±аёѓ/

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