Licenses Records
License Statistics tracks license usage across a number of servers. It is possible to see how licenses have been used over time by tracking the records in the history chart and checking the statistics for expiration dates.
You can use the ‘License Records’ screen to view the license records during any time. Furthermore, you can also access information about expired licenses.
License Product Reports
License Product Reports enables you to produce reports from most of the product groups in an easy-to 66cf4387b8

You can draw your own charts, use the existing charts from Standard Chart Library or buy very high quality chart templates.

Most dedicated commercial applications to create statistical charts use statistics software that are very powerfull (like SAS, SPSS, R, Matlab,…), but apart from some charts from SPSS, none of these statistical softwares are standalone, meaning you’ll have to install the program to compile your charts.
This is not the case for Peplot

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