The use of macros in internet search engines, especially Google, is a useful tool for a few reasons: (a) Google’s “Advanced Search” feature, which allows its users to use certain keywords that Google will use to find the best results, such as “What is the capital of Belgium?”, “best” and “Champion”. But, you may be stuck with the available results, especially if you only want to see the images, movies, etc. (b) Google’s operators, which allow you to search for specific words within the entire web page, such as for example a specific keyword within a specific URL (“What is the best movie in this genre?”), titles (“What is the best company of…”) or within the web page itself (“Who is the best chef in Brussels?”). The advanced search feature, however, doesn’t allow you to do these things. (c) All these things can be made with just a few clicks, only that you need an internet connection. This application will help you with all the above, without having to open Google’s website.
• Advanced Google Searcher Portable supports all Google operators.
• It can search within the entire web page, or within specific words within a web page.
• Macro files (.m) and save them in your Favorites folder.
• Save the URL of your favorite sites and create macros to access them with a click.
• Preview the results.
• Preview the data within the results.
• Display the URLs and the titles of the websites and domains found.
• Display the page, as well as the text of the web page.
• Download a web page and view it in the default web browser.
• You can also download and view the image(s) found.
• Extracts from web pages are included.
• If you press Enter, the default web browser will open to display the information.
• Supported for Windows.
• Imports in MBC (MicMac) file format.
• Supports all of the following information:
• Contact info
• URLs
• Images
• Titles
• Text
• Search Operators
• File size

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– Microversion: 2.0.0
– Author: Daniel Keighley
– Date: 2006-12-15
– Licence: Apache
This is the open source code for the KEYMACRO secure authentication system and is released as per the Apache Licence terms. The KEYMACRO system is a client-side mechanism for securely exchanging cryptographically authenticated data between the client and the server. It allows a secure authentication protocol without having to distribute certificates.
This is the code that DWR uses to generate the JavaScript code to handle key exchange.
The software is available here:

Additional Information:
– Jira issue is available here:

– Full specification is available at:

– All DWR samples are available here:

I consider this to be a more than an enhancement. For existing webapplications such as you can simply change the ‘View-UserAgent’ header and you get this webapp working as it does in a browser. To get your page working as it should as a native application you need to include this javascript.
Relevant software versions:
– DWR 2.1.0
– DWR-Core 1.3.0
– DWR-Client 2.0.0
– DWR-Javascript 1.0.0
The DWR project has been developed with ease of use and functionality in mind. If you are starting an app you might want to use the DWR Client library to create your views. If you have already created views in your web browser it’s very simple to call into DWR via JavaScript. The DWR Client library includes Ajax support, template support, and many other useful features. To get started you can download the DWR Client library (includes source code) here:

The DWR Javascript engine provides marshalling of the view into a Javascript object that is passed to the Javascript engine. This allows you to use the Javascript engine as it is normally used to

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