WinHealer is a simple and quick PC utility that can scan and clean your system.
The program features a smart search engine that can find errors and junk files. It is equipped with a friendly interface that will help you understand the results of the scan and configure the following actions.
Key Features:
– Very easy and fast scanning
– Automatic searches for junk files, junk registry keys and unnecessary files
– Use the detailed description for errors and junk files to manually delete them
– Automatically remove old errors and junk files or select the follow-up task
– Correct a computer virus infection with a mouse click
– Sort the scan results
– Support the Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome browsers
– Special algorithms that can find DLL errors and invalid files
– Delete temp files
– Find and uninstall obsolete Windows software
– Delete unused file extensions
– Delete unwanted cookies and histories
– Clean the Recycle Bin
– Process disk logs to repair system errors
– Free up RAM with memory dumps
– Delete unnecessary DLLs
– Control the Startup Programs
– Delete recently typed URLs in Internet Explorer
– Sort the activities or processes according to the CPU usage
– Empty the Recycle Bin or the Temp folder
– Perform a quick scan or an in-depth scan
– Adjust the registry and repair startup issues
– Automatically install new updates
– Automatically update Windows updates
– Repair a computer virus infection
– Fix a system freeze or crash
– Repair system errors
– Clean temporary files
– Clear Windows caches
– Clear disk and recycle bin logs
– Set a schedule to run the scan
– Display the CPU usage
– Choose whether the Windows is in safe mode or not
– Choose whether to display an error message when the scan is done
– Reset the CPU temperature to the original value
– Show or hide the interface window

Our New Diagnostic Tool Indicates Unwanted File Activity
Ever wonder why your hard drive or your PC seems slower than normal? It’s probably because one or more files have been using more system resources than usual. Unwanted files are frequently extensions, patches, DLLs, applets, books, language packs, macros, etc. These files are used for various reasons, but the largest reason is to try to get your computer to work faster.
System speed is usually not affected. Some applications, however, require access to the files in order to run. It is actually very difficult to tell which files are eea19f52d2

CMar4Pabx is a well-designed and intuitive solution for both call logging and its subsequent report generation. It uses a tabular view for presentation of call data, and it provides an impressive amount of detail about each call.
CMar4Pabx Key Features:

Database queries are made via the JDBC or ODBC interfaces.

Dialing information is collected with support for Global DIRA, DIRE, and DIRE 2 protocols.

Call-related information can be recorded with phone numbers and call types.

Detailed reports for specific services and time periods can be generated with the help of an API.

Call logs can be exported to CSV or plain text files.

Export reports to CSV files can be specified per query.

Call logs can be saved in a database and used as a basis for reporting.

Synchronization is supported with multiple users and call data.

Records can be grouped and presented in charts, tables, and graphs.

Utilizes a tree-like view for presentation of call data.

Users can create call report boards for them.

CMar4Pabx is compatible with any PABX systems, via the corresponding SMDR or CDR ports, either serially (via RS232) or through an Ethernet connection.

Users can set permissions to database tables and record folders.

Table locks, reports, and board locks can be used to avoid data corruption.

Users can define the query size, with the help of the query limit field.

CMar4Pabx can be licensed as a single or a multi-user solution.

Fully documented.
CMar4Pabx Includes:

CMar4Pabx is a 64-bit Java application.

CMar4Pabx is compatible with any PABX systems, via the corresponding SMDR or CDR ports, either serially (via RS232) or through an Ethernet connection.

CMar4Pabx can be licensed as a single or a multi-user solution.
CMar4Pabx License:
CMar4Pabx is a freeware software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Costing and billing is one of the most important aspects for any business to manage properly

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