No office worker can say they use the computer and claim they've never heard of Microsoft's Office suite, or at least one of their components (Word, Excel etc).
The problem with this extensive and extremely useful suite of programs that it has a lot of components, from text editors to spreadsheet creators, that it becomes hard to manage them all, especially when your desktop is probably full of files created through them.
That is where a program such as Office, also developed by Microsoft, can come in handy.
The purpose
As mentioned above, it is easy to get lost in all the programs and files created using the Microsoft Office, so what Office does is pretty simple: it acts as a centralized menu for all of your official Microsoft Office programs. 
You use it as a quick way of installing, updating and accessing all of your Office components, as well as other administrative things, such as buying new components, renewing your already existent subscriptions, etc.
Of course, you don't have access just to the programs themselves, but also to the files created through them, so you no longer have to tediously arrange them for easier finding, since they will all be available from within the same window.
Your account, your settings
You can't do anything with Office unless you connect to your Microsoft account, even if the computer itself has the entire Office suite installed since it will only open the apps based on your credentials. 
Thus you cannot cheat by using Office to access the Microsoft Office programs you haven't bought on a computer that has them.
Aside from the features mentioned above, Office does not change in any way the functionality of your Microsoft Office components.
A Microsoft Office user's go-to Store App
Given that Office allows you to increase your productivity by bringing together all Microsoft Office apps and their respective files, as well as its ability to work with all but the oldest versions of Microsoft Office, make it a must-have app for any user.







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All your favorite apps at your fingertips
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When you first launch the app, it opens to your Microsoft account.
With it, you can:

Access your stuff. You can easily check the available subscription, view your Microsoft online storage, or manage your settings.
Get help. If you need help using Office or have a question, you can visit the app’s Help section and get answers.
Buy Office. If you’d like to buy more Office apps, you can use the Microsoft Store.
Connect your apps. You can also connect to your apps using a Microsoft account.
Create a backup. Back up your Office 365 data using the app.

You can also access the Office apps from your other apps, which is useful if you have a subscription in Office and a subscription to another program, like another program for creating spreadsheets or another program for creating presentations.
That being said, the above advantages are the basic ones. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit this Microsoft support page for more information.


I would argue that if you truly know how to navigate around a Windows PC you can install Office without the Office 365 subscription. I use a Microsoft account and simply do not use any of the subscription functionality.
On any given day, in the past 6 months, I use:

Microsoft Edge for browsing the web and occasionally opening a PDF
Microsoft Outlook for email, tasks and calendar
Microsoft OneNote for taking notes
Microsoft Word for writing
Microsoft Excel for creating spreadsheets
Microsoft Powerpoint for creating presentations
Microsoft Access for access to databases and data bases
Microsoft PowerPoint (again) for creating presentations
Microsoft Wordpad for writing notes
Microsoft Access for access to databases and data bases
Microsoft Works (or similar) for creating presentations
Microsoft Picture It for snapping photos
Microsoft Sharepoint for storing files and sharing data
Microsoft Teams for messaging and video chat
Microsoft Paint for editing photos
Microsoft Access for access to databases and data bases
Microsoft PowerPoint (again) for creating presentations
Microsoft OneNote for taking notes
Microsoft Excel for creating spreadsheets
Microsoft Access for access to databases and data bases
Microsoft Microsoft Project for handling work

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Keyboard macro allows you to record a set of simple commands that can be automated with no need for user interaction.
Keyboard macro files are available in the system Documents folder. 
You can edit them using the Macro editing tools. 
When recording a macro, you enter the macro name followed by a number of keyboard macros. 
The keyboard macros are the same set of actions that can be entered with a simple click.
What is a macro?
A macro is a set of commands that are executed by the system. 
They can be used to perform various tasks, including opening programs, saving a file, closing a program, changing a setting in the registry, opening documents, moving files and folders, etc. 
Each macro has a name, that must not be changed, followed by the set of keyboard macros. 
When the macro name is set as a keyboard macro, it can be activated by a single click, without having to perform any additional step. 
How to use macros
Macros can be recorded using KeyMacro. 
You can record a macro to perform a given task by choosing the task, selecting the keyboard macros, and clicking the “Record macro” button. 
A keyboard macro can be executed in a similar way. 
When you launch the macro recorder, the task appears in a field below the “Macro name” text. 
Then, you can set the keyboard macros and choose a name for the macro. 
Once the macro name is set, the macro name appears below the keyboard macros. 
Then, you can click “Record macro” to start the recording process. 
That’s all there is to it. 
Macros can also be opened with KeyMacro. 
To do so, select the macro and click “Open macro”. 
The macro editor will appear, in which the keyboard macros appear along with the macro name. 
That’s all there is to it. 
How to recover macros
KeyMacro can be used to recover macros that have been deleted. 
To do so, click the “Recover macros” button in the application tray. 
A screen will appear where you can browse all of your deleted macros. 
There you can find your deleted macros along with the files they have been set to run. 
You can then select the file, right-click on it and click “Open as macro” to restore it. 
Where do

Office 11.5.0 Free For Windows

Microsoft Office brings together the best of the Office suite and adds even more. Designed by Microsoft for Office 365, it lets you work across all Office devices, and it includes the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.
Office is the world’s leading productivity suite. Put the latest and greatest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more at your fingertips – and stay up to date and secure with automatic updates. Use Office to create, edit, send, collaborate, and keep your files organized. With Office, you can work together on projects, check your schedule, email your contacts, track expenses, and much more. Office 365 subscriptions give you access to all of the features of Office for up to ten people.

The Autonomous Vehicle Group at Stanford’s artificial intelligence lab is launching a new project: a driving system that does not need a driver.

The move away from human intervention comes at a time of growing interest and concern about autonomous vehicles and a seeming shift in the public mind toward accepting machines in many of their functions.

Stanford’s Autonomous Vehicle Group, a research arm of the university’s renowned AI Lab, hopes to increase the safety of human-machine systems, such as cars and drones, by providing a driver-less system.

“This work is an attempt to bridge the AI safety and AI empowerment gap,” according to a statement issued by Stanford’s Autonomous Vehicle Group.

“Our approach combines deep reinforcement learning with virtual simulation to build safe and efficient self-driving cars that can be used in the real world.”

The system is being designed for a Ford F-150 pickup truck that is similar in size and shape to the popular pick-up trucks used by America’s farmers, according to Stanford’s Autonomous Vehicle Group. The truck is already on the road, and the group hopes to get approval to use the vehicle on public streets in the next several months.

Current driver-less systems are known as Level 2, and are designed to operate with the help of a human driver. The systems are designed to avoid crashes and to operate safely when encountering obstacles.

The newest system is a major step forward in driver-less systems. It has been designed to operate without human intervention.

“This is a major advance in the field

What’s New In Office?

Free for home use
Compatible with all Microsoft Office apps
Allows to open, edit and save Office files
Edit Office files
Access Office documents
Manage Office subscriptions
Download Office apps
Premium features
Unlimited cloud syncing
A lot of useful features

Office is back to the drawing board after Microsoft's initial release of the new Windows 10 was panned by critics. The new app features version numbers in the app title, following the trend set by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which had its own issues that further pushed the software giant to come up with an entirely new Office release.
The free app features several of the Office 2013 staples, with the biggest addition being a new Excel feature that lets you collaborate with others and share work with your colleagues.
If you need to open, edit or save a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file, the app is there for you, and with a few taps, you can create new files as well.
Files from all three apps can be shared with the public via Microsoft's Office Online, where others can collaborate with you on your work.
Files and links can also be shared via social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.
If you're dealing with a large Excel file, you can set it to automatically refresh with new data without opening the program, and you can link to and search files across all three apps.
If you're dealing with a large Word, PowerPoint or Excel file, you can link it to the Microsoft cloud. The feature allows you to open a file that is stored online, which allows you to work with it without downloading the files themselves.
While Microsoft has yet to detail what all of the new features are, it does share that the new app is designed to bring the new Windows 10 desktop experience to the Office software.
The new Office is available now on the Windows Store, with a download size of around 1GB.

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app allows you to remotely connect to and use a Windows machine on a local network. Though it has a lot of features and can support a variety of different protocols, in this post I'll focus on the Chrome Remote Desktop extension itself, and how you can use it to access an existing local computer.
Chrome Remote Desktop extension
In order to use the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, you first need to install the extension. The Google Chrome store has a link to download the extension here, but the page only mentions the Windows version, which makes it somewhat of a guessing game for the Mac and Linux users.
While I would suspect that the extension works on both platforms, I tried to confirm it, and found that it indeed does indeed work on both OSes.
If you're trying to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, you'll

System Requirements For Office:

Full Requirements
Free Download
The free “Full Requirements” version of PCSX2 only contains some limited functions. So, the Full Requirements version will work only in case your computer meets these requirements.
Hardware Requirements
The Recommended Hardware Specifications for using the PCSX2 emulator can be found here.
General Requirements
A working Internet connection.
A Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8 compatible PC.
An AMD or Intel PC with 2GB of RAM.
4GB available space on your hard drive.

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