The original version of this software is PowerSuite TTS. The program has been under development for over 15 years and is a popular example of a language translation tool. The latest version of the program now offers you not only an opportunity to translate texts into other languages but also to help you edit documents.
PowerSuite TTS offers you a number of functions that can help you with various text editing tasks. You can, for example, change the writing direction, add or remove special characters and correct spelling mistakes. You can also mark up the text with a text stamp, and the program will automatically create a document with all the changes you made.
PowerSuite TTS has a fairly simple, yet versatile user interface that can be customized by right-clicking any of the program’s objects. The main window contains a text panel, a table of contents, an options panel, a search panel, a contacts panel, a ruler, a debug panel and a toolbar. Each of these panels can be expanded, and you can use them to display or hide objects, display help information, or change the location of any object.
In addition to viewing and editing text, PowerSuite TTS offers you the following features:

Support for text formats.

Over 30 languages supported by the program.

Dictionary support.

Thousand, Million, Billion, Trillion…


POWER SUITE TTS 1.01 or higher.

Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher.

Download and install Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

Displays the original text in different languages, such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, etc.

Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

Save the changes made by the user

PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

The dictionary.

Copy a group of words in different languages.

Font and style preferences.

Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

Export text in a special format.

Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

You can view texts in different languages

Softaken PowerSuite TTS 1.01 or higher

Translating text using dictionary support

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This powerful and easy-to-use video editor allows you to modify your
videos to make them more appealing to your audience. From a simple
cut/insert/edit/delete feature, to the ability to add special effects to
your video, to the new multi-track feature, MC3 can do it all. MC3’s
extensive feature set makes it easy to create your best video. Make your
video stay in your memory by adding special effects to your videos.
The best way to learn how to use MC3 is to actually use it!
The MC3 interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Just by
double-clicking an item, the properties dialog box will open.
You can set the video properties directly from the properties dialog
box. You can do things like:
Cut a portion of a video.
Insert a video in a different area of the video.
Add a picture or title to a video.
Add music to a video.
Add multiple transitions and effects to a video.
Add titles and credits to a video.
Add an overlay to a video.
Send a video to another application.
When you select an item, a right-click menu opens, where you can
choose to cut, insert, or undo the last action. You can also choose to
apply the last effect to the selection or to the whole video. There is
also a new feature for video montage in MC3, called “multi-track”. You
can add many different tracks with different effects in a video, so
that you can edit a video to have many different sections. If you want
to add a section with a transition, just click on the “Add new track”
button and select the type of transition. You can also set the duration
of each of the tracks in a video. Once all of your tracks are added
you can preview your video by clicking on the “Preview” button.
You can also create a “group”. A group can contain many different
tracks or settings. Just click the “Create group” button and then click
on the “Create new group” button to create a new group. You can name
the group and you can also choose what settings are contained within
the group.
Other features include:
WYSIWYG editor for each video property.
Drag-and-drop to set any property.
Drag-and-drop to set a group

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